Sleepless Nights- SOL #6


Sleepless Nights

can’t shut it off
the endless loop
the record skipping
the song on repeat
tossing and
trying to find
that one comfortable spot
maybe then
I can sleep

watching the clock
counting the hours of
sleep I’ll get
if I can just
sleep now
the bags
under my eyes
reveal the truth

can I sleep tonight?
can I shut if off
long enough
to fully rest?
will the worry
cease to invade
my mind?
I hope so
I really, really
hope so

14 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights- SOL #6

  1. elsie

    Those nights are never restful. I guess that’s why I began sleeping with a TV to lull my mind into stopping the loop. It’s a terrible habit, now I can’t sleep unless there is that sound.

  2. mrssurridge

    Those are the worst nights and the next days are a constant struggle. Why so hard to sleep at night, yet sleep feels like it could come so easily during the day? A terrible loop.

  3. onathought

    Oh man! I hope you finally got some shut eye. So hard when you are so tired… I find myself falling asleep while putting kids to bed, and then unable to sleep later that night. Endless cycle!

  4. tomockthekillingbird

    Nice! That is the worst feeling.

    Do you have a rule about screen time before bed?? It makes a huge difference for me. That’s why I’m staring at a screen at 2am. Also, trying some mindfulness exercises. They are great!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I have been thinking about this recently. I think that may be part of the problem. The other part is definitely stress-related though! Thanks for the tips Jeezy!


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