Daily Archives: March 1, 2015

Back to Slicing- SOL #1


Every year I look forward to March, the month of slicing every day. I look forward to the routine of writing, the pressure of the daily deadlines, revisiting old friends whom I’ve missed all year, the lessons I learn from others, sharing in the triumphs and struggles, and the feedback. As a fifth year slicer, I’m used to it. Used to living my life with wide open eyes, looking for a slice idea to share. I’d like to say that today’s slice came easy, but as I stare at my computer screen, writing, deleting, and writing some more, I’m struggling to come up with a slice to share. I’d like to share a slice that lets you get to know me a bit, something lighthearted and fun, a poem or anecdote full of whimsy and personality perhaps, but I don’t have it in me today.

This week- heck, this past month- has been particularly difficult. Without going into it too much, work has been a series of ups and downs, heartbreaks and disappointments. Being a leader has been hard. Knowing the right thing to do, weighing all the options and making the best decisions under trying circumstances, hasn’t always been clear. I’ve followed my heart and stood up for what I believe to be right, what I believe to be the best decision in the midst of it all, but I’ve learned you can’t make everyone happy. With so many stakeholders, each with their own needs and wants, it feels like you’re walking a tightrope, trying to balance it all and not fall off. I haven’t always been the most popular person. There have been many tears, many my own. But what I’ve realized is that all I can do is take the information I’m given, the situations that are handed to me, and try my best to do what’s right, to stand up for what I believe in. As long as I do that, I can hold my head up high.

Trying times not only show you what you’re made of, but they show you who you can count on. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by loving friends and colleagues who show me their support, listen, and love me through the mess. Without them, I’m not sure how I’d get through it. So as I go into battle tomorrow, I take solace in knowing that my friends have my back. Thank you! I love you guys!

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