Where I’ve Wandered

Here are the countries I’ve visited, in chronological order, and any corresponding posts I’ve written about my travels. Enjoy!


1. United States
States Visited: TX, AL, AR, CA, CO, FL, IL, IA, LA, MS, NV, NM, NY, OK, TN, VA, WA, PA, AK, Washington, DC

2. England (Nov 1999 & Jun 2014)
Cities Visited: London

3. Germany (May 2002)
Cities Visited: Kiel, Frankfurt, Berlin

4. Fiji (Feb 2004)


5. Australia (Feb-July 2004, Dec 2011-Jan 2012)
Cities Visited: Sydney, Melbourne, Cairnes, Coolangatta, Mooloolaba, Brisbane

6. China (Aug 2010-Jun 2015)
Cities Visited: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Beijing

You’d Never Believe It, But…

Taking the Scenic Route

Shanghai Supermarket Sightings

7. Hong Kong (Oct 2010, Oct 2011, Jun 2012, Nov 2013, Feb 2014, Sept 2014,  Jan 2015,
Feb 2015, Jan 2016, May 2017)

8. Vietnam (Feb 2011)
Cities Visited: Ho Chi Minh

9. Malaysia (Apr 2011)
Cities Visited: Kuala Lampur, Kota Kinabalu

Lost at Sea

10. Philippines (Feb 2012)
Cities Visited: Cebu

11. South Korea (Apr 2012)
Cities Visited: Seoul

One More Week!
Special Visits in Seoul
The Importance of Place Value

12. Macau (Jun 2012)

13. Cambodia (Jun 2012)
Cities Visited: Siem Riep

14. Thailand (Jun 2012, Apr 2015, & Jan-Jun 2017)
Cities Visited: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phetchabun, Ao Nang

15. Japan (Oct 2012 & Jan 2016)
Cities Visited: Hososhima, Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto

Lost in Tokyo

16. Egypt (Apr 2013)
Cities Visited: Cairo, Aswan, Luxor


17. Myanmar (Oct 2013 and Feb 2015)
Cities Visited: Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Bagan

Unplanned Traveler

A Funny Story

I LOVE Myanmar…and You Will, Too!

Princess Traveler

18. Nepal (Apr 2014)
Cities Visited: Kathmandu

Recharging Next Week

First Impressions of Kathmandu

The Little House in the Rice Fields

Travel Tips for Nepal

19. Italy (Jun 2014, Oct 2015, Apr 2016, & Nov 2016)
Cities Visited: Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence

18 Hours in Rome

Unexpected Bump in the Road

IMG_4436 20. Greece (Jun 2014, Oct 2015, & Mar 2016)
Cities Visited: Athens, Paros, Santorini, Corfu, Thessaloniki

Trouble at the Border

Weekend in Thessaloniki

IMG_466621. Scotland (Jul 2014)
Cities Visited: Edinburgh, Glasgow

22. Ireland (Jul 2014)
Cities Visited: Dublin

23. Albania (Aug 2015-Dec 2016)
Cities Visited: Tirana, Sarande, Durres, Gjirokaster, Dhermi, Shkodra

A Glimpse of My Place

Through Another’s Eyes

24. Belgium (Nov 2015 & Jun 2016)
Cities Visited: Brussels, Antwerp

25. Honduras (Dec 2015)
Cities Visited: Roatan

26. Belize (Dec 2015)
Cities Visited: Belize City

27. Mexico (Dec 2015)
Cities Visited: Cozumel

28. Turkey (Jan 2016)
Cities Visited: Istanbul

29. France (Feb 2016)
Cities Visited: Paris

Dreaming of Paris

IMG_793630. Senegal (Mar 2016)
Cities Visited: Dakar, Saly

Dakar, Day One

My Senegalese Market Experience

Side Trip to Saly

Sweet Reina
IMG_234931. The Netherlands (May 2016)
Cities Visited: Amsterdam, Harderwijk

Amsterdam in a Weekend

img_325332. Canada (Jul 2016)
Cities Visited: Victoria

img_081233. Montenegro (Sep 2016)
Cities Visited: Ulcinj

img_110734. Morocco (Oct 2016)
Cities Visited: Fes, Casablanca, Chefchaoen

Lost in the Medina

img_221035. Indonesia (Jan & Apr 2017)
Cities Visited: Jakarta, Ubud (Bali)


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