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“Hey Tegre and Sagan, are you hungry?” I asked.

“Yeah!” they said, as they both smiled and followed me out the door. We got our sandwiches, chips, and cookies, and headed to the table. I grabbed my Sprite and 2 cups.

“Would you guys like to share my Sprite with me?”

With smiles across their faces, “Yes please!” I poured them each a cup of Sprite, handed it to them, and took a big bite out of my sandwich.

Sagan, after taking a big gulp of the sweet, fizzy drink, said, “Ms. Jennifer, we never get to drink alcoholic beverages!”

Choking on my sandwich, I quickly replied, “And you still haven’t!” I begin to think that maybe the boys’ parents, two fellow teachers at my school, don’t allow their children to have soda. Maybe I should have asked them first. Oops!

Continuing, Sagan tells me, “Whenever I’m in America, my dad lets me suck on the ice after he is done with his drink, and sometimes I get a little bit of soda taste! It’s so yummy!”

Uh oh! This confirms my earlier assumption that they were, in fact, not allowed to drink soda. Well, guess I’m gonna take the hit on this one! “Boys, you might want to savor that Sprite. You may not get any again in a long time.”

I confessed to Donna and Scott, who luckily are easygoing and laughed it off. Shaking her head, Donna asked the boys if they liked ‘Auntie Jennifer.’ They certainly did! 🙂