Where I’m From…-SOL #29

For months, I’ve been working on my version of “Where I’m From”. I hadn’t been able to get it quite right, and I’m not sure I have even now, but I’m finally willing to share it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Where I’m From

I’m from the country,
shellin’ peas on the front porch swing,
listening to Mamaw and Grandaddy spin stories,
the smell of warm banana puddin’ wafting out of the kitchen.
I’m from pecan trees big enough to climb,
whose branches held the promise of adventure.

I’m from stayin’ out ’til dark,
and bedtime stories with one Poky Little Puppy.
I’m from cousins who are best friends
and grandmas who are secret keepers.
From yes ma’ams and no sirs,
from spankings and “Go to your room!”

I’m from playhouses and slumber parties,
passing notes and whispering secrets.
From Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow,
Punky Brewster and Bill Nye.
I’m from Trapper Keepers and spelling bees,
from school cafeterias that smelled like PB & J.

I’m from pick-up trucks caked with mud,
Aggie bonfires and cross-town rivalries.
From Carebears and My Little Ponies,
from first kisses and broken hearts.
I am from those moments–
growing up in a small town–
destined to see the world.

18 thoughts on “Where I’m From…-SOL #29

  1. debbussewitz

    I love this poem. You make your childhood come alive with the description and pieces shared about your past. My favorite line–
    I’m from pecan trees big enough to climb,
    whose branches held the promise of adventure.

  2. Donna Smith

    That was wonderful! Loved it. Save it for grandchildren someday; they’ll love it, too! From what I read, you are about the age of my grown children…Care Bears and Punky Brewster and Bill Nye, the Science Guy! Your poem tells so much about you!

  3. newtreemom

    Lovely poem, with so much of yourself shining through! Loved the way it took us back to moments in time we could recognize and also introduced to new people and places within that time.

  4. Tara

    the voice in this poem was so strong and original – you captured the “where” so beautifully. May I share your poem with my students? We create “Where I’m From” poems at the end of our sixth grade year.

  5. writekimwrite

    I adore reading these and you have captured where you are from beautifully. I think you might be a Southern girl from these clues,”…Mamaw and Grandaddy spin stories”, “…smell of warm banana puddin’ “, and “yes ma’ams and no sirs.”

  6. Rachel S.

    This is a great “Where I’m From Poem”! I loved these lines,” the smell of warm banana puddin’ wafting out of the kitchen.I’m from pecan trees big enough to climb,whose branches held the promise of adventure”. Sounds like a great place to grow up! 🙂

  7. shaggerspicchu

    I love this. I remember seeing it in it’s draft before and I love how you have perfected it.

    You articulate where you are from so beautifully yet you so cleverly add humor.

  8. Randy Nettles

    Strong voice and imagery! Thanks for sharing those intimate details with us Kesler! I’m going to have to write one now. 🙂


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