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Percentage Poem- SOL #1

SOLS button 2013

I attended “The Art of Teaching Literacy” workshop last weekend in Hong Kong and I was lucky enough to learn from some amazingly talented educators and writers- Stephanie Harvey, Matt Glover, Michael Salinger, and Sara Holbrook. There was so much learning packed into these two short days; I wish I could have soaked up their words of wisdom for a week. One thing I particularly loved was Michael and Sara’s presentation on poetry use in the classroom. Sara’s percentage poem was just too cute that I had to try my own today.

7% silly
10% sweet
8% shopping
4% neat
6% brunch
4% enthusiastic
2% glasses
9.8% sarcastic
12% reader
15% traveling
5% laughter
2.2% unraveling
3% secrets
1% fighter
3% caring
8% writer
And that adds up to,
can’t you see?
The total is
100% me!