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Today I… – SOL #10

SOLS button 2013

Two Writing Teachers‘ Throwback Thursday post linked to an older post about writer’s notebook strategies, and one of them was “Today I…”. Thought I’d give it a go.

Today I slept in later than I had intended.

Today I shared a pizza with a good friend.

Today I swapped book recommendations.

Today I got a manicure, and now purple and light blue adorn my nails.

Today I wrapped up in my winter coat again due to the 40 degree drop in temperature.

Today I read.

Today I did some work for school, but not much.

Today I caught up with two friends, frenzied conversations flitting across the table.

Today I blogged.

Today I read and commented on fellow slicers’ posts.

Today I went grocery shopping for lunches this week.

Today I wished for more time to devote to reading.

Today I sent a few emails.

Today I was semi-productive.

Today I was happy.