Signs of Stress

Signs of Stress

the nearly overflowing laundry basket
dishes waiting to be washed, multiplying each day
dark circles and incessant yawning
clothes, barely worn, precariously piled on the dresser
delivery and take out replace home-cooked meals
tabs hold slices waiting to be read
candy wrappers strewn across my desk at school
venting to a friend on our longer than usual walk
papers and books scattered, out of place
energy waning, patience growing thin
the cracks are starting to show

16 thoughts on “Signs of Stress

  1. Terje

    Sending you good vibes. I hope you will find ways to fill your cup before the stress breaks your health. On my stress list: …less walking, more sweet eating…, less sleep, more negative thought spinning…

  2. Jillfr

    I hope you accomplish a lot today and feel less stressed. It is amazing all the things that we need or feel we need to get done. Take time for yourself!!

  3. Stacey Shubitz

    I have some similar cracks that are starting to show. I was walking outside earlier and chatting with a friend. I admitted to not sleeping much for the past week. We both agreed that would have to change tonight because if I don’t rest things are really going to catch up with me. {Sigh.}

    Hope you get a break over the weekend!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I feel ya on the sleep…when I don’t sleep well, my whole day is harder. I am taking a break this weekend, otherwise I won’t be able to sustain this level of work next week. Hope you get some sleep!

  4. karpenglish

    I’m glad you managed to get in an extra long walk and some venting, at least. I’d send some home cooked meals if I could. (And books. I send everybody books.)


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