Daily Archives: March 18, 2022


It’s the eleventh hour. I’ve been staring at the blank screen for a while now, willing an idea to come into my head and out of my hands and onto the page. I’ve scanned my feed of blogs I follow, looking for a spark of inspiration, an “I can write about that too” moment. I’ve looked through my copy of Old Friend From Far Away, focusing on the highlighted sections, for a prompt that grabbed my attention, begging to be written. The only one that remotely stood out was “write about a memory of a popsicle” but I quickly tossed it away. I googled writing prompts and quick write ideas, but it was all too overwhelming and most of them were trite anyway. I opened up Pinterest, willing one of my pinned quotes under “Quotes I love” to leap off the page and inspire greatness. Not today. Succumbing to the writer’s block isn’t a proud moment, but it’s the eleventh hour and I haven’t sliced, so here’s my meager slice for today. Let’s hope inspiration strikes tomorrow.