Daily Archives: March 2, 2022

Today I…

I’m not one to resort to a form slice so early on in the challenge. These are typically reserved for those days when I have nothing left in the tank but need to eke out a slice. Using a format for a day 2 slice is unheard of for me, but I can’t settle on just one idea for a slice today. My day was frenetic and nonstop, so this format fits perfectly.

Today I, along with the Grade 5 team, introduced the PYP Exhibition to the Junior School faculty, sharing our excitement about this upcoming culminating experience that will see our Grade 5 students taking ownership over their learning. We have made some interesting changes to this year’s Exhibition that we hope will result in a better experience for the students. One of our changes is that we’ve decided to do the Exhibition outside of the Programme of Inquiry, as a seventh unit, which will give students more agency over what they choose to explore.

Today I led four grade level planning meetings, where we continued to flesh out the Grade 1’s new unit in which students will inquire into ways people learn about the past, historical evidence, fossils, and the importance of preserving and learning from the past. We discussed ways the Grade 3 students could take action in their unit of inquiry all about how water is essential to life, how it’s a limited resource, and conflicts that arise over water. As a collective action, we are planning a water walk to raise money and awareness for the water crisis in South Sudan; we will donate the money to build a well. The students will also take individual action in their cause groups as a result of their research. In Junior Kindergarten, we discussed the transition of one teacher to another, as one is about to go on maternity leave. We reflected on the previous unit in Grade 5, discussing ways we can improve upon the assessments for next year.

Today I engaged in three conversations about the curriculum work we’re doing, my energy palpable as I got to talk about what I love to do. We are doing some really great stuff!

Today I ate my lunch in under 5 minutes, as I went from one thing to the next. I barely remember what it tasted like.

Today I assisted in the antigen testing of a Grade 5 class who had a confirmed positive Covid case. Luckily all are negative (so far), but they were picked up at noon and will be doing online learning for the next three school days.

Today I made plans for us to extend online learning for our JK Prep students (preschool aged), as two thirds of them have tested positive.

Today I read and commented on other slicers’ slices.

Today I sent 18 emails. Not many at all…I’m surprised!

Today I smiled as I read the comments left on my first slice of life, fueled by this writing community.

Today I left work well after dark, after going down a rabbit hole of finding resources for our new Grade 1 unit of inquiry.

Today I missed my walk with Gail. We are going tomorrow!

Today I had an impromptu conversation with a colleague about writing, the SOL challenge, books, book clubs, and memoirs. It was energizing!

Today I laughed many times.

Today I took 6,142 steps, which is honestly more than I expected considering all the meetings I sat in.

Today I admired the four bouquets of flowers I currently have at home and school. The tulips are my favorite.

Today I felt like I was inside a pinball machine, being bounced around from one thing to another.

Today I am getting to bed late. Let’s hope I don’t oversleep tomorrow.