Friday Night in Jeju

Living in Jeju, an island in South Korea, means that my Friday nights are much different than when I lived in big cities with tons of nightlife. Where I live is a bit (okay…a lot) more low key; add Covid in the mix, and Fridays are a lot quieter now.

After a busy week at work (which ones aren’t these days?), I was ready for some down time. I picked up some fresh tulips at the local supermarket first, and after deciding that cooking wasn’t in the cards tonight, I headed to Gla Gla to pick up a take-away Poke bowl. While I waited on my order, I snapped a few pics of the surrounding area. This street is full of restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can buy fresh fish, since it’s located on a port.

Back at home, I settled in for a night of catching up on my shows. Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are back…after a very long hiatus…so I watched them both. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but if you are religious viewers like me, you are in for an emotional ride!

15 thoughts on “Friday Night in Jeju

  1. kimjohnson66

    Your sharing of photos of a culture that is not familiar to me is so exciting, you have a cozy spot to enjoy living! There’s something about those live staring fish that would make eating them difficult.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Yeah, it’s definitely different…and much smaller! I had a vegetarian Poke bowl, which has rice on the bottom, and it’s topped with cabbage, lettuce, seaweed, avocado, radish, corn, sesame seeds, and a sweet soy sauce dressing. Delish!

  2. karpenglish

    This sounds like quite a relaxing Friday night! Your pictures make me want to go outside and explore again. When the pneumonia is gone! Meantime, I made my husband and son get their bikes and explore the world on my behalf. 😀


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