Daily Archives: March 22, 2021

No More

I attempted a few slices today, but ended up abandoning a few drafts. Perhaps I’ll come back to them in the future. Instead, I’ll be using  Old Friend from Far Away by Natalie Goldberg as my inspiration for my slice today. This is a fabulous book on the art of writing memoir. My prompt is “No More- What do you no longer have? Go for ten minutes.”

What do I no longer have? Should I list the tangible or intangible things? How about both!

I no longer have the patience for Covid. While I was more tolerant last year, when I thought it was a temporary inconvenience that would go away soon, I am now over the constant worry, inability to move about the world as I’d like, and the sadness and destruction it has brought to so many.

I no longer have my big house and live-in maid that I had in Indonesia. I’ve swapped those for a smaller place and a cleaner who comes twice a week. While it was certainly an adjustment, I’m used to it now.

I no longer have to teach online. We are fully in-person at my school, and we are blessed to have all of our students on campus every day. It’s certainly much easier this way.

I no longer have to stay at home. In Jeju, we are fortunate to be able to move about the island with limited restrictions. Unlike Jakarta, where I was confined to my home, I am able to shop, eat at restaurants, walk around, and meet up with friends. I’m very lucky.

I no longer have to take GoJeks, walk, or take taxis to get around. I now have a car and drive myself wherever I want to go. It’s such a treat to be able to leave whenever I want, as I have not driven since living abroad.

I no longer have to remember my keys since my door has a keypad to unlock it. I love this feature in Korean homes!

I no longer have new stamps in my passport, due to the inability to travel. I can’t wait until I can make up for lost time and fill my passport back up!