The Last Paragraphs of My Biography

Have you ever been inspired to write something from a book you’re reading? Well, I’m reading The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo (which is great by the way!) and in it, Xiomara’s teacher gives her a few writing assignments that we, as readers, get to see. In the book, Xiomara (the poet) writes the rough draft as a poem, saying the truth, but ends up turning in an essay that is more in line with what she thinks is acceptable. Assignment number two, which was to write the last paragraphs of your biography, caught my attention. With a mixture of excitement and fear, it made me wonder…what would they say about me, about the life I’ve lived? I mean, really, What would they say?

Here’s Xiomara’s rough draft of her assignment:

And here’s her final draft:

Here goes…my rough draft of the Last Paragraphs of My Biography:

Jennifer loved with her whole heart and
treated her friends like family.
While she never married or had children of her own,
she developed strong relationships with her nieces and nephew,
and they came to visit her often,
wherever she happened to be.

During her lifetime, she lived
on six continents, traveling to the
far reaches of the world, in search of
adventure and understanding.
Her dream of someday living in Paris
came true. She spent her days wandering,
writing, and wondering. (Oh, and eating lots of croissants!)

She didn’t always get it right,
and she made lots of mistakes,
some she’d rather not share,
but one thing remained the same,
she always learned from her mistakes
and tried to do better the next time.

Despite all of her fear and worry and doubt
that she wouldn’t be good enough,
she finally authored and published a book
and then another and another.
Jennifer was also a sought-after
speaker and workshop leader,
sharing her passion for writing and the PYP.

Jennifer may be remembered
as many things: a friend,
an educator, a writer, a sister,
an aunt, a daughter, a reader,
a traveler,

but most importantly,
she should be remembered
as always following her passions,
standing up for what she believed in,
and for loving with her whole heart.

I think I’ll save the final draft for another slice. 😉

14 thoughts on “The Last Paragraphs of My Biography

  1. Ms Victor Reads

    Two things- I LOVED the book (read it this summer) and loved that you took on this challenge. Wow, your words make me wish I knew you in person- that last paragraph- what more could you want? Sounds like you are living life well!
    (To answer your question in your comment on my post, I much prefer writing by hand, even though it is mess and somehow most days lately I cannot squeeze out enough time to write in my notebook and slice, so I am doing twofers).

  2. lgrainger125

    Wonderfully written autobiography! You’re so lucky to have all those experiences and relationships.

  3. Anita Ferreri

    To love with your whole heart and to follow your passions – this signs of a life well lived for certain. This is quite perfect…but with your years left, who knows what you might add!

  4. Terje

    Wow. Let me repeat myself: Wow! You have taken the mentor text and created a great text of your own. You are the hero of your story and choose which voice to use when writing your life story.

  5. mschiubookawrites

    I love how you found inspiration in Poet X. I read that when it first came out, and your post is reminding me to reread it. Your voice and passions shine through in your last two paragraphs of your biography. Thank you for sharing.

  6. standingtall47

    I learned so much about you in your autobiography paragraph. I especially love the last part! Can’t wait to see the final draft (as this one seemed pretty amazing to me).


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