Korean Grocery Store Finds

One of my favorite things to do whenever I move (and sometimes when I travel) to a new place is to scope out the grocery stores and see what they have on offer. I usually find some unusual things mixed in with the ordinary. Korea is no different, however as far as grocery stores go, I can find most of what I want to buy here (if I’m willing to pay the high price tag, that is), which hasn’t always been the case in my other locations. There are a few things I can’t find, but they are things I can live without.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite Korean grocery store finds.

How’d you like to buy 1 cantaloupe for $30 USD?!? Lucky for me, I hate cantaloupe!

Not sure what these are, but some people were cooking up these Korean snacks in the middle of the store. As far as I can tell, they are sandwiches, with cooked eggs acting at the “bread” part and meat and other fillings inside.

This sign totally made me laugh! I’m not sure if the sign is meant to entice the foreigners to buy the snacks or the locals, since foreigners buying them makes them more attractive.

There are sooooo many unusual Pringles flavors to choose from, but these caught my eye! I’m thinking the butter caramel ones might be good, but I’d definitely have to pass on the Sweet Mayo Flavour Cheese…yuck!

Now I’ve heard that onion tea is great for your skin and makes you look younger, but I don’t think I could stomach the taste!

This one is a peanut butter flavored drink, like a PB version of hot chocolate. I have some, but haven’t tried it yet. My friend says it’s pretty good. This is the Skippy brand.

Need a glass of wine, but don’t have a glass? Just buy the single serve version- glass included! 🙂

This one threw me off for sure. I’ve had peanut butter before, and I’ve had squid (not my favorite, but I’ve had it) too, but never in a million years would I have put these two flavors together! Would you?!?

This one is so weird for many reasons. For one, who buys 9 green beans at a time? Why do we need plastic packaging? And why do these 9 green beans cost nearly $2 USD?!? Needless to say, I didn’t buy them, but I have to say, I do miss eating fresh green beans. They must not grow them here or they must not be “a thing” in Korea.

Anyone fancy some seaweed flavored oatmeal?? I love it that it’s Quaker brand, too! 🙂

Have you ever seen anything at your local grocery store that made you laugh or wonder who in the heck would ever want to eat that?

18 thoughts on “Korean Grocery Store Finds

  1. mbhmaine

    Oh, this was fascinating! Thanks for the Korean grocery store tour. I had such fun reading the different flavor combos to my family. We’re all pretty appalled at the idea of a peanut butter latte. Also, after seeing the size of a glass of wine, I’ve realized I’ve been far too stingy with myself! Looking forward to pouring my Cabernet tonight! lol

  2. Sara T.

    Such a great slice to capture the strange world of food. Soooo many combos we would never consider in the USA!

  3. ms. chen

    I like to do the same thing–visit grocery stores in different countries. My Taiwanese dad likes to eat peanut butter with dried pork floss on his Chinese bun for breakfast. I guess squid and peanut butter isn’t too far from that. I still prefer jam!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Oh I remember the dried pork floss on so many things when I lived in Shanghai. I am a vegetarian, so the idea of it grosses me out! haha I’m with you on the jam!

  4. maggiemcintyre116

    My sister lives in Korea also and is always telling me about the things she finds in the store! And occasionally will send us some fun/ a bit strange to try. Loved seeing what you found!

  5. elsie

    I love your forays into grocery stores! I would not be eating cantaloupe in Korea. The flavors of a nation are interesting. Peanut butter squid? Ewww!

  6. karpenglish

    Your grocery store visits are always entertaining! I found myself commenting back to each of your photos. I was dying at the individual package of nine beans! Koreans must really not have a taste for them, because otherwise, you would need more than nine to cook. I thought nothing could be ickier than the idea of butter caramel flavored Pringles, but then I read the label for Sweet Mayo Flavoured Cheese Pringles! What…what it that even meant to be? Onion tea also sounds unusual, but I would taste it (and the peanut butter squid) out of curiosity, if nothing else. My most exciting grocery store experience was a tiny grocery store for the locals on Moloka’i, which is the island with the highest percentage of Native Hawaiians living there. They had rows and rows and rows of specialized Spam in an entire array of unexpected flavor combinations. No caramel flavored Spam as far as I can recall though. 😀

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      They must not love green beans. I think they must see it as a garnish. It was in the herbs section…strange to me! Spam is also a thing here. In Seoul, there were about 10 different varieties of Spam in a convenience store! Wonder how many there’d be in a proper-sized store.

  7. bbutler627

    Grosssssss! I mean seaweed flavored anything YUCK! That foreigner stuff is hilarious. The one package totally looks like those Smashmallows my kids love. I did hear they were Asian-inspired! Now I can see the proof. Thanks for the window in the world. I’m not a traveler but I love that you share yours and I can live vicariously that’a way!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I’m with ya on the seaweed…not my favorite flavor! I wonder if they did come from Asia. How funny! I’m glad you’re along for the ride…;)


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