Bad Case of Writer’s Block

“If you wait for inspiration to write, you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter.”

Dan Poynter

I’ve been incredibly indecisive today. It took me over an hour to decide what to eat for dinner. I couldn’t decide what to watch on Netflix. I’ve avoided writing by spending too much time on social media. I’ve looked for inspiration on Pinterest and my bookshelf. I’ve stared at the screen for over an hour trying to figure out what to write.

But instead of finding inspiration, I’ve come down with a bad case of writer’s block. It happens once every SOL Challenge, but since I got through the mid-month hump, I figured I was safe this year. It’s Day 28. By this point in the challenge, I’m usually coasting, already mourning the impending end of the challenge.

It happens to us all, but let me tell you, I’m really looking forward to getting back to my normal writing self tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Bad Case of Writer’s Block

  1. Adrienne

    At least it gave you something to write about today. I was skeptical, but when this happened to me earlier this month, I opened a word document and started typing in Comic Sans. At first it was gibberish, but then a decent slice appeared.

  2. jennysrich

    I struggled today too. I pulled an old writing of mine that I had not posted before. Usually something happens in my day that I am inspired to write. I was inspired but, confidentiality makes it impossible to share what I need to write.

  3. franmcveigh

    I hear you. Sometimes I have a draft or a line that keeps repeating in my head before the day ends. Last night was nada. Still nothing this morning. Some days are like that. Three more. You can do this!


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