Daily Archives: March 16, 2019

Saturday Morning Routines

I love Saturday mornings. They are just for me, time to devote to doing nothing and decompressing after the work week. I wake up whenever I want to without the aid of my alarm, although I haven’t been able to sleep in very much lately. I then reach for my iPad and catch up on some of my shows from the week- Grey’s, Law & Order: SVU, This is Us, and Modern Family.

After a show or two, my tummy starts to grumble. Time for brekkie! Saturday mornings are for big breakfasts, not my typical fruit, yogurt, and granola. Two fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup, scrambled eggs with cheese, and strawberries hit the spot. A hot cuppa tea afterwards, and I’m ready to snuggle up on the couch to read and comment on some slices. Having caught up on my usuals with some new ones sprinkled in, it’s back to my shows.

By the time I’m caught up on the TV drama front, it’s midday, time to come out of my me time cocoon. That is, until next week when I’ll do it all over again.