Today’s slice was sparked by reading The Lit Coach Lady’s blog, where she’s been writing her slices from a SPARK! each day. The spark that piqued my interest was the Word Spark, where you start with a word- any word– and let it guide your writing. Not knowing which word to choose, I Googled ‘random word generator’ and clicked until I found a word that resonated with me.


I feel called to be still. After a busy semester and a full-on week, I’ve been tired today. I struggled to get out of bed this morning, craving more rest. Rather than going out to dinner like I’d planned, I came home, where I can be still. Sometimes our brains and bodies need that. With all of the noise that swirls around us constantly, things pulling us this way or that, we crave stillness to center ourselves again. I can’t wait for next week, where I can just be still. Where I can just sit by the pool, fresh juice in one hand and a book in the other, letting the stress and responsibilities melt away. Still doesn’t really have a positive or negative connotation, does it? You can be still because you’re being mindful, relaxing while watching a movie or reading a book, or listening to someone else. Conversely, stillness can come when you are brought to a halt, when your world stops spinning, the wind is knocked out of your sails and you’re just trying to gain your composure again. No matter the cause, stillness forces us to stop and be in the moment. Slicing does that, too. For those few minutes or hours when you’re pouring your heart onto the screen, you can’t do anything else. You are still. March is a month to be still and focus on what’s around us. For that, I’m grateful.

11 thoughts on “Still

  1. Jaana

    “March is a month to be still and focus on what’s around us.” I feel like I’ve been trying to do this. It has made a big difference! Great idea for writing “random word generator.” Have to check it out.

  2. paulabourque

    Don’t you just love how your mind takes you on a writing journey when you just let go and lean in? When I quick write I never know fully where my thinking will take me. You really explored STILL so beautifully and I love that you didn’t attach a value to it…”Still doesn’t really have a positive or negative connotation, does it? ” That’s being open to possibilities!!

  3. Terje

    Still – I can sit still and read. I can sit still on the seashore. I am still during my mindfulness practice. I used to do five minute Fridays one year with my students. One word- five minutes of writing. Some words were easier than others.


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