Hello There… SOL #20


Hello there…

I am silly yet serious, friendly and finicky, loving and loquacious.
I keep my word, memories, and a writer’s notebook.
I wish I could live in Sydney, Australia or Inle Lake, Myanmar or Edinburgh, Scotland.
I love goat cheese, a good book, lazy days, traveling the world, challenges, and the anticipation of something new.
I dance more when I’m around my friends, but never very well.
I sing loudly and generally off-key.
I think about where to visit next, about what’s best for kids, and about my family often.
I really love my family and friends and the richness they bring to my life.
I need a massage right now. Good thing I’m planning on one later today.
I should work less and relax more.
I can talk about literacy all day long.
I like familiar routines as well as change, trying new restaurants, swapping funny stories, and writing.
I make friends easily.
I always like to sleep in. Mornings are meant to be eased into… 

22 thoughts on “Hello There… SOL #20

      1. freegriffa

        Singing off key and talking literacy all day long can make for a well-rounded, creative and great teacher! Sing it loud- the kids don’t care! 😃

  1. mgminer

    I love how structures open up so many possibilities. Sounds like you’ve had many rich experiences. I also love to talk literacy with anyone who will listen and share!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Yeah, it actually does. I kept pondering the first line, “I am…” Do I say I am a daughter, friend, sister, principal, etc.? Or do I go deeper? I had to really think about it. I’d love to do it again another time and see how much it changes!

  2. Tricia Ebarvia

    So many great writing prompt ideas looking at everyone’s slices today – and yours is no exception! I agree that it’s wonderful the way structures can actually open up so many possibilities for us as writers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. elsie

    Loved the alliteration in your first line! Nothing totally surprised me, because I’ve been reading your slice and this information just confirmed my thinking. I wish I could make you a pan of mac and cheese. Then we could talk literacy as we inhaled it. 🙂

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