Celebrating in Style!- SOL #21

Earlier this month, we celebrated Amy’s birthday. Amy, pictured above, is one of those people that exudes happiness and love and fun. She’s the friend who’s always telling you how beautiful, smart, and amazing you are, and the fact that she is all of that and more makes her a fabulous friend to have! Her birthday theme this year was sexy, which is such an Amy thing to choose. No matter what, Amy thinks the world of her friends, and is always telling us how sexy (or nice or pretty or kind) we are. Amy is sexy, and her beauty showed through on her birthday. I mean, look at her! She’s gorgeous!

Her birthday was so much fun! We celebrated at Malabar, with nibbles, drinks, and laughs. Everyone who came was dressed to the nines, and we all exuded sexiness (despite whatever self-conscious thoughts we may have had when we we getting ready earlier that evening).

The amazingly beautiful and kind woman pictured above is none other than Donna Paxon, this one and only soul that oozes love and goodness. Despite having met her only a few months ago, we have become fast friends and kindred spirits. She holds such a dear place in my heart, and will forever be etched in my memories.

This beauty here is Melissa, the goofy, sweet, ever-loyal lady I’m lucky enough to call my friend. No matter what, she’s positive, uplifting, and sweet. Her heart is genuine and she’s always there to listen when I need a friend. She also makes a great travel buddy and puts up with my crap. I’m going to miss her more than she knows (and probably more than I even know right now) when she leaves this summer. While I’m extremely happy for her new adventures (new country, new job, and new BABY), I can’t help but feel a selfish twinge knowing that she won’t be right down the street or down the hall from me anymore.

Oh Nirada…such a silly lady! I love how we kid around with one another and give each other crap. She’s such a caring person and a really great teacher. Not to mention, she’s gorgeous! I’m glad we have become friends, and look forward to many more memories! 😉

P.S. Love the photo bomb Mel! 😛

Such a sweet group shot! While we won’t all be in the same place next fall, I will certainly hold a special place in my heart for all of these ladies! 😉

So yeah…this is what happens when you leave your phone unattended! Haha…I had such a laugh the next morning when I went through the pictures on my phone and found lots of funny gems like this one!

This has got to be my favorite picture of the three of us- by far! Linner, Michelle, and I have been together for the past 5 years, when we all moved to Shanghai for the first time. Since then, we have been there for one another and have all changed so much. Linner, the always loyal friend, is as beautiful inside as she is outside. She’s caring, giving, a great listener, and loves to finish my food when I can’t. She’s also my veggie counterpart and a sloth. 😉 Michelle, the other half of Kes-Baugh, is my partner-in-crime, both at work and at play. She’s very generous, loves to pick on me, and is drop-dead gorgeous. I’m not really sure what I’ll do without her next year. The three of us unfortunately will be separated next year, but I know we’ll keep in touch and be in each others’ lives for years to come. I love you ladies!

19 thoughts on “Celebrating in Style!- SOL #21

  1. Erika Victor

    Yeah, the life of an international teacher can be so fragile! I am still adjusting after moving this summer. The good part is that you will have friends all over the world, the bad part is that you will have friends all over the world! Nice slice- really captures the friends you have.

  2. dogtrax

    What a nice collection of friends, and they will surely appreciate how generous you are in your descriptions of the night out together.

  3. Darla & Jen

    Such a nice story and what a great time you had for the birthday celebration. Fun and heart-warming post.
    Darla & Jen

  4. elsie

    Friends are family when you are far from the blood-line family. What a great group you have found! Each has their own unique style. I’ve found my friends make me a better person with them than if I were traveling through life alone. Every picture shows the joy you all have together.

  5. spillarke

    Oh how fun is that! I have been thinking a lot about teaching in Shanghai. Love getting a glimpse of life there through your posts. Delightful pictures! May the celebration run the week long!

  6. Jaana

    Friends that I made while living overseas are still my friends! We might live in different continents, but there is a bond that cannot be broken! I am so glad that you have surrounded yourself with special people! Loved your pics! They tell a story (or stories) about friends who are there for each other!

  7. isbergamanda

    One of the best and most hated parts of being an international teacher is that so many people move away. It is awesome because you know people all around the world who might not mind having a guest visit them. It is also crappy because your good friends move away and some of them will lose touch.

    It looks like you are enjoying your friends to the fullest while they are still around! Enjoy!

    -Amanda at http://teachingwanderlust.com/travel-history/

  8. Pamela Fernuik Hodges

    What an exciting life. I read your about page and saw you are principal of a school. I use to live in Tokyo working as a photographer in the 80’s. I loved living in another country.
    Some good friends of mine from Minnesota moved to Shanghai last fall. They have eight children, so they do stand out. I wonder how small the world is?


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