A Taste of Normal- Haiku Style!

It is happening!
Seussical the Musical
will be on Friday!

More than two years since
our last performance with a
real, live audience!

How did they do it?
in four weeks, in the middle
of a pandemic?!?

The set is ready,
the songs rehearsed til perfect,
all lines memorized

Colorful costumes
coupled with peppy dance moves
make for happy kids

A taste of normal
is exactly what we need.
The show must go on!

10 thoughts on “A Taste of Normal- Haiku Style!

  1. Terje

    I wish to shout “Hurray!”. I am happy to hear the performance happened and compliments to you for delivering the news in a poetic form. You are riding on a creative wave.

  2. Rita K.

    I just attended a middle school show last week and it was so wonderful to see all the talented, happy kids on stage again. Kudos to everyone who works so hard to make these shows happen.

  3. Leigh Anne Eck

    I have seen a couple of haiku slices today. Congratulations and good luck! The show must go on…yes!!


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