Leaving Me Vulnerable

leaving me vulnerable

mean-spirited people

wielding their words like swords

cutting down others with every slash

my mood, once buoyed,

sinks whenever they’re around

accusatory phrases abound,

the blame game their main game

the attacks come out of nowhere

unprofessional and unwarranted remarks

leave me unaware of what I did wrong

(did I do something wrong?)

walking on eggshells,

avoiding at all costs

the saying goes,

don’t take criticism

from someone you wouldn’t take advice from,

yet the constant criticism and

hurtful words hurled at me

leaves me feeling vulnerable



even though I wouldn’t go to them for advice

why do I allow someone else

to have that much


over me?

am I too


I don’t think so.

8 thoughts on “Leaving Me Vulnerable

  1. dianeandlynne

    Oh those thoughtless words . Oh those cruel people. Why DO we allow others to have such power over us? Your poem is a powerful reminder to all of us. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. WOWilkinson

    Thanks for the poem. I’ve been there too. Isn’t it amazing how many positive comments it takes to balance one rude message? It definitely makes me want to be more careful with my words.

  3. Terje

    I am sorry you had to experience this. You are not too sensitive. You are human. Words hurt the heart, especially when you yourself have an open and caring heart.

  4. Fran McCrackin

    Your poem really expresses that feeling, where our thoughts go round and round. I never before heard ‘don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from’ and I love it. But I also would have trouble heeding the advice when criticized…

  5. livinglife816287820

    I can’t believe how mean some people can be, you wonder how it gives them pleasure and are they even aware of what they’re doing? I hope you can stand strong and resist the urge to feel pulled down and condemned by thoughtless people. But the poem is amazing, it reads so well!


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