What a Difference a Change of Scenery Makes

Weekends are always a time of respite from the workweek just gone and a time to catch up on the one coming. While I always take some time to myself on the weekends, usually Saturdays being my “no-work” days, there’s always that little voice in the back of my head reminding me of all I have to do, all I didn’t get done, and all the people I need to reply to, prepare something for, or support. I can push it down, but it never really goes away.

This weekend Frances and I came to Jeju City, a mere 45-minute drive away from home, to stay in the poshest hotel around, the Grand Hyatt called the Jeju Dream Tower. The hotel, which opened in December of last year, will eventually have 1,600 rooms open, but for now, there are around 500 open to the public. With 14 dining options, a spa, pool, and the most incredible customer service, it lives up to its name of being a dream.

There’s something about sleeping in a different bed that makes all the difference. The act of taking a purposeful break away from everyday life, stopping to pause and relish the luxury afforded to you in a place such as this, is good for the soul. As I sit here in the lobby cafe, sipping my iced chocolate, writing this slice of life as I wait for my massage appointment, I am content. I know that I have work to do later this evening to prepare me for the week ahead, but I’m completely at ease, the staycation having done its job.

In the past 24 hours, I’ve eaten at the Italian restaurant on the 8th floor, with a beautiful view of the bustling city below, where I enjoyed a spicy aglio e olio pasta with delicious ribbons of fresh parmesan cheese straight from Italy; taken two relaxing baths in the largest bathtub ever; caught up on my shows and slice reading/commenting that I didn’t get to this week; dined at the Steakhouse on the 38th floor, literally in the clouds as the fog settled in around us, where I indulged with two Moscow Mules, crusty bread with salty butter, a burrata salad, and some roasted asparagus and smooth, creamy mashed potatoes; had a lazy morning, sleeping until I woke naturally at 9:00am, feeling well rested and refreshed; ordered and enjoyed my first-ever room service breakfast, something I will definitely do again, as eating a delicious meal in my pajamas overlooking the city is so much better than hurriedly elbowing my way through a buffet; had a late checkout and a leisurely break at the cafe, listening to the sounds of the music playing, coffee brewing, and the adorable toddler wandering, laughing, and exploring.

As I leave you to enjoy my final indulgence, an hour-long foot treatment massage, I am quietly at ease, ready to tackle the next two weeks before Spring Break. I hope you were able to rest and recharge this weekend, too.

12 thoughts on “What a Difference a Change of Scenery Makes

  1. livinglife816287820

    Wow, what a break, no wonder you felt rested and refreshed with all that pampering, amazing views and delicious food, not to mention the enormous bath and then a foot massage. Thanks for sharing all the dreamy photos with us. We are very envious!

  2. kimjohnson66

    What a GORGEOUS bathtub! Oh, how I love this piece! The perfect reminder of why we need to unplug and get away – and make a habit of it! I hope your massage was relaxing!

  3. glenda funk

    Sounds like a lovely weekend full of pampering and good food. Love that tub. I’d have to travel pretty far to find a swanky hotel for a staycation like the one you enjoyed.

  4. Ms Victor Reads

    It sounds wonderful! I had finally worked up the nerve to take my first staycation in a year last month when some lockdowns were announced (including one of the two hotels I was considering staying at). I look forward to a similar treat in the not so distant future. Thanks for sharing the details and pictures- they did me good too!

  5. Sara T.

    Your words painted a picture every single teacher can get behind. Self care!!! I could not believe how amazing every pampering detail sounded. I am incredibly jealous and hope that I can recreate something similar for myself in the future. Thanks for the reminder that finding ways to rejuvenate is so important!


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