Sundays are Fleeting

I relish my weekends, more so lately as I seem to be working longer and longer hours on school days that bleed into my evenings. The opportunity to sleep in, taking comfort in the additional time wrapped up in my covers, knowing that there’s nowhere I have to be, nothing I have to do, paired with the unstructured day ahead, where I can choose to do anything I want to do (even if it’s nothing at all), is the very definition of luxury. My weekends are the time when I recharge my proverbial batteries, catch up on the things I want to do, rather than the things I have to do. During the month of March, my mornings are spent lazing on the couch, a cup of tea in one hand with my laptop on my lap, reading and commenting on my fellow slicers’ posts, while I enjoy the mid-morning sun streaming in through the windows and the light spring breeze coming through the open patio door.

Sundays start out just as promising as Saturdays, my morning routine the same, except for when I catch up with Shags on Facetime like today (I always welcome this break in the routine), but somewhere around lunchtime, time speeds up, the grains of sand falling faster than they should, and before I know it, Sunday’s almost gone. As time flies, I begin mourning the loss, knowing that the impending morning will be here quicker than I expect, the alarm interrupting my perfect slumber, stirring– no shaking– me awake, bringing me back to the realization that I can no longer sleep, that I can’t ease into the day, waking with the sun as I had done when it was Sunday.

I wonder, is it the knowing that it’s coming that eats up my Sundays? Does anyone else feel like their Sundays are fleeting? Or is it just me?

19 thoughts on “Sundays are Fleeting

  1. Teaching my garden to grow

    You described it so perfectly, the grains of sand falling faster, that’s exactly how Sunday feels to me. No matter what I am doing on Sunday afternoon, it always feels as if I am cheated by time. Enjoy your Sunday morning!

  2. mschiubookawrites

    This line also caught my attention- “the grains of sand falling faster than they should”. NOOOO, I often feel when the sun is setting. I wonder how we can reframe our outlook on Sundays, trick ourselves into believing it’s Saturday Part 2?

  3. livinglife816287820

    I agree, I think it’s partly the knowledge that there isn’t another day off to follow, that makes it seem to go past so quickly. You try to put the brakes on and it just doesn’t happen!

  4. gbrock

    I’m with you! The sands of Sunday certainly seem to run faster. Add daylight savings today and I’m still trying to figure out where the morning has gone.

  5. elsie

    When one is working, weekends fly by. When one is retired (like me 🙂 ) weekends linger, but there is nothing special about them. I look forward to Mondays, when everyone has to return to work and I can be out and about. One day you will get there. 🙂

  6. Leigh Anne Eck

    Yes! I am on spring break so today has seemed slower than usual. Sometimes, though, I wish I could stuff that sand back to the other side!

  7. Terje

    On Sunday afternoons I certainly mourn the prospective loss of freedom and slowness. At first I felt guilty about it. I should feel excited about the new school week, right? Now I have learned to accept it. It shows how precious the weekend days are.


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