The Countdown is On #sol18

The Countdown is On

One more day
just one
Spring Break is here
The words
that make
every teacher
around the world
jump for joy
do a little jig
high five everyone they see

One more day
just one
I’m packing my bags
carefully selecting the
perfect outfits
for my two trips-
one for work and
one for play

One more day
just one
the weight of the
term is lifted
just for a bit
and I can breathe a
sigh of relief

Just over a day
I’m boarding the plane
for country number

here I come
in just
one more day

7 thoughts on “The Countdown is On #sol18

  1. elsie

    The anticipation is on high. This time of year, a break is needed to reset the mind for the final months of school. Enjoy Singapore. I know I’d like to go back and visit it again.

  2. karpenglish

    Fantastic poem! I love to see the excitement throughout the SOL community as spring breaks arrive in waves. As an online teacher, I don’t get a spring break or summers off, and it is super discouraging at this time of year. Have a fantastic trip to Singapore! I have been seeing a lot about their public art and fanciful architecture. It looks beautiful!


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