I Love Surprises! #sol18

I ❤️ surprises! I love getting them, but I love giving them even more. Yesterday I got to surprise people twice, and it was so much fun!

My school hosted Student-Led Conferences on Thursday, which is an incredible day of students teaching their parents all sorts of things they’ve learned in language, maths, their units of inquiry, PE, music, and more. While it’s loads of fun to experience, there’s much work to be done behind the scenes to get it all ready. To show appreciation for my teachers, I ordered cookie cakes and surprised them with a Friday afternoon pick-me-up. I loved seeing all the smiles as they came into my office for a sweet treat. 😍

As it was the end of the term, and the day before Spring Break, I thought we should have a little fun. On the sly, I had the maintenance guys set up the big speakers out near the field. Then I walked around to all the classes just before 2pm and invited them all to a surprise dance party. The students (and teachers) were so excited!! We all descended upon the field, shaking our groove thangs to the beat. It was such a fun way to end the day and term. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and being silly. I will totally pull this trick out the next time we’re in a slump or things are stressful. Everyone needs to dance it out every once in a while!

10 thoughts on “I Love Surprises! #sol18

  1. karpenglish

    My son’s school had their big Learning Celebration yesterday and it is so much fun to see all the beautiful and complex projects they have made. They did not have a dance party at the end though. What a brilliant idea you had! Happy Spring Break!


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