You Know You’re a Traveler When… SOL #23


You Know You’re a Traveler When…

You’re thinking about your next trip right after getting home from your last one.

You run out of pages in your passport and have to add more.

A great gift idea for you is travel gear- a new backpack, packing bags, travel-sized accessories- or better yet, an airplane ticket!

You buy a ticket to another country just because you suddenly realize you have a three-day weekend!

You have 3 currencies (or more!) in your wallet at the same time.

You speak in airport codes.

You know that familiar itch, the one that signals it’s time to GO!

You’d rather not buy the latest gadget if it means you can take one more trip this year.

You choose your next destination because the airplane ticket is the cheapest. Skyscanner’s “anywhere” destination search is the tool for that!

The thought of living in the same place your whole life scares you shitless!


17 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Traveler When… SOL #23

  1. elsie

    I can tick off each line and say, yep, that’s me too. Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like. No extra passport pages needed because the budget just doesn’t allow for too many of those trips. But I do dream a lot of hopping on a plane and heading out. Right now my passport needs to be renewed before my next trip in August. I love reading about your trips.

      1. elsie

        We have a cruise that begins in Amsterdam but we will be stopping on a few islands such as Guernsey, then Ireland, and some stops in Scotland before returning to Amsterdam. We leave in August but return in September.

  2. arlsvera

    I loved reading your post – and I totally agree! We love to travel, and when we need something fixed/done around the house, our motto is “but I’d rather go on a trip!” And I can totally relate to your first line item. As soon as we return from a trip, my first thought it “where should we go now??”

  3. jee young

    Love this list! I can totally relate. I would add… when you are planning and booking flights & hotels for your next vacation in the middle of your current vacation.


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