Six-Word Memoirs: Quarantine Edition

I’ve always loved six-word memoirs, and the other day I saw a fellow slicer used them to slice about her feelings lately. Here’s my version.

I’m trapped inside, can’t go out.

Some days are fine, others not.

Body aches and lots of sleep.

Good thing is I’m noticing more.

Connecting with friends through a screen.

Taking a break on the daily.

No end in sight. Crave normalcy.

Coronavirus please go away sometime soon.

12 thoughts on “Six-Word Memoirs: Quarantine Edition

  1. Terje

    I hope the break has helped you to build your resilience for the next weeks to follow. How will you approach the next weeks? Do you plan any changes to the distance learning and your daily routines? How do you plan to fill your cup? I ask these questions because we heard that we will continue for DL at least until May. The first full week was tiring. Reading your posts helped me as we started our DL.
    I think that when this is over we have to redefine normalcy.

  2. karpenglish

    I like the six word memoirs. It is hard to encapsulate all that is going on and that I am feeling in writing, and I appreciate the way you parsed it down and got to the heart of the frustration and distress and longing, but also some of the positives. There are some upsides to our new realities, even if some days they are harder to find than others.


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