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Six-Word Memoirs

Six-word memoirs are a fun way to tell a story in a snapshot. These reflect how I’m feeling at the moment.

Work never stops. I need rest.

Mind spinning. Never-ending lists piling up.

What should I focus on next?

Too many projects. Not enough hours.

Can I just hit pause? Please.

Mentally exhausted. Will write more tomorrow.

Six-Word Memoirs: Quarantine Edition

I’ve always loved six-word memoirs, and the other day I saw a fellow slicer used them to slice about her feelings lately. Here’s my version.

I’m trapped inside, can’t go out.

Some days are fine, others not.

Body aches and lots of sleep.

Good thing is I’m noticing more.

Connecting with friends through a screen.

Taking a break on the daily.

No end in sight. Crave normalcy.

Coronavirus please go away sometime soon.