Who remembers playing MASH as a middle-schooler? If you don’t, you are entirely too young and clearly don’t know what fun you missed out on growing up. During this time of boredom, I made up a new game, MASH: Quarantine Edition, and I got to play it tonight on a Zoom happy hour call with two of my besties, Michelle and Linner.

The original version of MASH is a game where your life is decided for you. You know, the big stuff like who you’ll marry, which car you’ll drive, the type of house you’ll live in, and how many kids you’ll have. My version is a bit different.

  • You still have MASH, which stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House, but you are deciding which type of house you’ll be quarantined in.
  • Who will you have to be quarantined with?
  • What activity do you do the most in quarantine?
  • What time do you wake up each day?
  • How many pounds will you gain during quarantine?
  • What do you wear each day?
  • What’s your favorite snack to eat during quarantine?

To play the game, we each took turns giving 2 choices for each question. As you can imagine, some were good and others were awful. Once all the choices were written down, I drew a spiral until they said stop. That tells you how many to count before you cross off a choice. The game continues until you have one choice left per category. We laughed quite a bit during the game, as our friends were stuck with the crappy choices.

Here are the results:

In summary, I’ll be quarantined in a shack with Grumpy Cat. I’ll wake up at 3:00 am each day, wear crotchless undies, and spend my time eating beans and Cheetos. Despite this healthy diet, I won’t gain any weight though. At least there’s one good thing!

What are you doing to combat boredom during the quarantine?

16 thoughts on “MASH

  1. Maureen Ingram

    So much fun!! I am new to MASH – I doubt it is because I am too young, I suspect it is because I am too old. But, I can see this is totally fun – a great boredom-buster!!

  2. wordjourneysite

    I, also, missed out on MASH because I’m too old, ha, ha. But I do remember my daughter playing this in middle school with her friends. Your adaptation is creative and funny! I’ve taken to playing online games like Saboteur and Hearts with my friends and neighbors. The banter isn’t quite as good as when we play in person, but everyone’s personality still comes through.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      How do you play a card game online? I’m curious! I love games, but find it very hard to play any board or card games alone. I’ve started playing Boggle on my phone with friends.

  3. bbutler627

    hahahahahahahah Reading this slice! Omg, this is too funny. Who knew Quarantine Zoom would be the best happy hours we’ve had in years. This is great. I might need to steal it the idea for tomorrow.

  4. karpenglish

    I do remember MASH and love your Quarantine edition. (Weirdly, since switching teaching middle school last year, I have never seen KIDS doing this. Maybe we’re old?) I still haven’t played games via Zoom, but we replaying plenty in person. A good result from the eternal quarantine period.

  5. Terje

    Ha. I have not played this. Not an age but rather a cultural difference. I found the combination of negligee and pickles to be a good one.


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