Baby Steps

If you’ve read my blog this month, then you know about the accident and saga that began two and a half weeks ago. Today was another appointment in a string of appointments. On the docket was cleaning my wounds, changing the dressings and a check-up with the doctor on my progress.

Update: The road rash on my ankle is healing pretty well, and while it isn’t exactly pretty, the majority of my wound is now dry and they didn’t need to even cover all of it today. My toes are healing, but considering the open wounds are only a week old thanks to last week’s fiasco, they aren’t as far along as my ankle. That being said, only 3 toes needed to be covered today. So, progress. My ankle, foot, lower calf is still swollen, but is not nearly as swollen as it has been, so the doctor was pleased with that. I’ve got some range of motion, although my Achilles tendon is super tight, which is making it difficult to put my foot down normally.


I’m soooo over the whole hobbling on crutches or using a wheelchair thing though. Teaching preschool in a wheelchair seriously cramps my style. I can’t get around easily, especially in a school that’s not totally handicap accessible (so many steps!), and I’m just not the teacher I want to be right now. I can’t do what I want to do and that makes me cranky! I wake up every morning and think, I’ll just walk. I’ll be fine. Only I’m not fine. My leg doesn’t do what my brain tells it to do. Grrr!

Anyway, the last few days, I’ve been able to put a little weight on my foot, and with the aide of my crutches, I’ve been able to walk-ish. Due to the fact that I can’t put on a shoe or anything, my practice has been confined to my apartment. Today, I asked the doctor if I could have some sort of foot covering to try and walk outside and at school. I demonstrate my willingness to try by hobbling around the treatment room. After a bit of cajoling, he agrees to let me try. He even recommended I see a doctor in the rehab department and start physiotherapy today!

Physio went well. After a heat pack treatment for 30 minutes, I was put through a series of exercises, and to my surprise, most of them didn’t hurt at all. I then got to practice walking around with my new kicks! She kept telling me I was doing it wrong, but like I said, my leg’s not listening to my brain right now. At least I was doing it, even if it wasn’t exactly right!


They say my recovery will take a while (3 months til I’m back to normal!), but if I keep at it and do my exercises everyday, I’ll improve faster. I’m determined to get off these crutches, so I’m going to follow the doctor’s orders. Here’s hoping it won’t take as long as they think! 🙂

Baby steps, literally and figuratively. 😝


17 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Volcano Mouth

    Keep on keeping on girl! I had achilles reconstructive surgery last July and i’m still on the mend. Time heals all wounds, don’t get impatient and hurt yourself. Embrace slowing down a bit and be mindful of all that life has given you, notice what you never would have before.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Hey Kori! Thanks for stopping by…it’s Jennifer 🙂 I didn’t know you had that happen. And you do all that strongman stuff?!? OK, this gives me hope!

  2. elsie

    I know it’s slow, I know it hurts, but you have the right idea by working on those exercises. Who knew life could be turned upside down in a matter of seconds. Hang in there Jennifer!

  3. Alan j Wright

    It might be a cliche but it really is one day at a time with regard to healing. It does involve exercise for the body and the mind. Because of your restricted mobility, it means you have more opportunities to appreciate the potential of things around you. It is said that as writers we don’t have to think things up as much as we need to sit and take a good look around us. May the healing gather momentum.

  4. karpenglish

    I like the new kicks! I’m so glad you are getting the chance to put your foot down and seeing some tiny progress. Teaching in a wheelchair is rotten! I always tried to reach for things like I was standing and kept trying to topple myself out of the chair face first. Take care of yourself!

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