I’m currently…

Listening to my ‘Hot Country’ playlist on Spotify that I can’t seem to get enough of. I usually only listen to country music when I go home (because, Texas), but the country kick I got into when I was home at Christmas has hung around. My most-played song on the playlist is “You should be sad” by Halsey…which isn’t really country. It’s such a catchy and “girl power-y” song.

Loving the support from the Slice of Life Community. I had literally no idea when I started the SOL Challenge on March 1st that my life would be flipped onto its side the very next day. This community has enveloped me in support and positivity while I slog through one of the most exhausting and uncertain times of my career.

Drinking watered-down iced tea because it’s late and I’m on the couch and I’m too lazy to get up and make a new glass.

Thinking about all the things I need to do this weekend in order to get caught up and try to get ahead for next week, but at the same time I’m thinking about how all I want to do is just bury my head in the sand and take a step back so that I can have some breathing room. Such a tightrope to walk.

Wanting to get away for Spring Break (which starts in just over a week), but knowing I won’t get the opportunity. Sadly and begrudgingly, I cancelled my Spring Break trip to Australia due to fears over travel during the pandemic and strongly encouraged advice from my school that no one travel during the break. Hopefully I don’t go stir crazy being stuck here!

Procrastinating sending some emails. With my focus on my students, my admin responsibilities are less important (to me) at this time. I really should get to those emails. Maybe tomorrow…

Needing sleep, peace of mind, socialization, my family, movement, fresh air, homemade chocolate chip cookies (ok, maybe I don’t need that one, but it sure would be nice!)

Reading some of my past slices to get ideas for what to write about (hence this form slice) because I don’t feel like writing another gloomy post like I did yesterday, but today was another rubbish afternoon and the grumpiness and on-the-verge-of-tears feeling hasn’t passed yet.

Worrying about what everyone else in the world is at this moment- Coronavirus pandemic! In addition to all the worries we all have (that I don’t need to spell out again), I worry about whether I’m worrying too much. For every article that says this is serious and you need to protect yourself, stay away from people, etc., there are articles that say not to worry unless you’re really old or are unhealthy. What should I believe?!? Anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me?

Wondering if I’m meeting my students’ needs during this virtual school experience. Hopefully the reflection assignment for tomorrow will give me some insight and I can make the necessary adjustments next week.

Anticipating my move this summer and my new job! I can’t wait to slice about my new adventure, but I need more time to do it justice, so I’ll write that one this weekend. Just thinking about it makes me grin from ear to ear. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Ramona

    A perfect slice for an uneasy time. You’ve given voice to many of my own concerns. I’ll be cancelling a long anticipated trip to a Texas family reunion to see cousins I haven’t seen in decades and a trip with daughter for a conference in May that was just cancelled. These words captured my feelings too – “…rubbish afternoon and the grumpiness and on-the-verge-of-tears feeling.” Finally, regarding that desire to bake chocolate chip cookies, I stocked up with six bags of chocolate chips when I was purchasing for our time in! I haven’t succumbed yet.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Can I come over and have some homemade cookies? 🙂 We could chat about life, find out what we have in common and what’s different, and gorge on cookies and tea. What do you say? 😉

  2. Lisa Keeler

    I always love this format for a slice. It helps me learn so much about someone in our writing community. SO, I need to go back to your early slices to clarify- on March 2 did you close? And re your new job- was that already in the works?
    Like you I’ve been on a country music kick lately. I find the lyrics and structures are always so clever… amazing writing in those songs.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I love it, too. And when reading it back, it is like a window into the writer’s life…it’s so random. Country music is so catchy these days…lifts me up!

      Yes, we decided to close on the evening of 2 March with 3 March being first day of closure and 4 March first day of virtual school.

      New job already happened. Contract signed in January.

  3. edifiedlistener

    I keep returning to your blog to find out how things are going. I like this format for a slice to let different thoughts bubble up to the surface – the highs and the lows. I’m glad you can look forward to a new post in the coming school year and wish you some down time with a little less worry on the weekend.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thank you for reading and following along with the journey. This format definitely is good when your head is too full. I am currently sitting on my couch, slicing, reading slices, commenting, listening to chill music, and drinking tea. Very relaxing! Have a good weekend, too!

  4. Raivenne

    “You Should Be Sad”is a cool song. I mentally scratched out the addendum on the chocolate cookies: those are always a NEED in life. 🙂 I enjoyed this slice, especially the format. Nicely done.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      haha…I totally succumbed to the cookie craving and ordered in my faves from a place called Dough Lab. I don’t regret it. You should try the format when you are stuck this month. 🙂

  5. Terje

    Yes to cookies, sleep, and not doing school work – you need this to stay sane and healthy. Your posts show how writing is an amazing tool to sort thoughts and write ourselves out of difficult moments.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I ordered cookies today! Sooo yummy! I think that this happening in March was definitely a blessing. Writing has made it do much easier to sort out my feelings and feel more grounded.

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