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Overwhelmed #sol16 15 of 31


So, I was bound and determined not to let it happen. Not to let the never-ending to-do list get me down. Not to get behind. Not to feel overwhelmed. But, it happened. It’s pretty bad when you wish that you had not taken a trip to another country or wish you had not three, but five more days until your next trip, all so you could have more time to work! For a traveler like me, that’s unheard of!

Last weekend’s getaway was supposed to energize me, give me that last little push to get everything done in this 3-day week leading up to Spring Break. But rather than feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the week’s tasks (which are doozies!), I felt even more behind today. I know it was the back-to-back meetings and other commitments all day that did it. There was no time to breathe, let alone dig into what needs to be done. The good thing is that tomorrow is a much lighter day, which will allow me to get down to business. Fingers crossed it all comes together and I make my 4:00 pm deadline on Thursday. Then I can focus on packing for Senegal and my long-awaited trip to spend some time with my favorites- Mel, T, and Reina. I can do it! (Right?!?)

One of Those Mornings- SOL #15


You ever have one of those mornings where things don’t always go as planned? Of course you have! Everyone has them from time to time. Well today was one of those mornings for me! I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed, despite the fact that I went to bed early. I was soooo tired! I finally peeled myself out of the bed at the last possible second that I knew would give me just enough time to get ready for work.

All was going ok, and I got to work just before 7:45, but when I reached into my bag to swipe my card into the building, I realized I didn’t have my lanyard, the one with my badge and keys! With the warmer weather today, I switched to a lighter jacket, forgetting that I put my lanyard in my coat pocket yesterday when I left school. Ugh! Now I can’t get into my office. My office that contains my computer and notebook and everything I need to function at work today. Scrambling around, I tried to find someone with an extra key. Since this being a new building that we just moved into last week, the systems and people to go to aren’t all ironed out yet. Frazzled, I cancelled my 8 o’clock and headed out the gate to run home and grab my lanyard. Just when I got outside, someone told me that the guards have a key. Whew!

The guard, shaking his head, turned around to head upstairs to sift through his keys and find the one that would open room 304A. While I don’t have my badge, I am happy I was able to get into my room. 🙂 Hoping the rest of the day is better!