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Spring has Sprung in Jeju

Spring is…
sun shining
buds blossoming
breezes blowing
dogs walking
everyone smiling
plants sprouting
outside sitting
skin warming
energy rising

I’m absolutely loving the spring weather here in Jeju! The warmer weather, sunny skies, and gorgeous cherry blossoms make me smile. Today was a perfect spring day, and I couldn’t help walking around, snapping photos. I’m looking forward to riding my bike and taking long walks in the coming weeks. With Spring Break in two weeks, I’m excited to explore more of this beautiful island!

Springtime in Shanghai- SOL #22


Spring has arrived in Shanghai! With the sun beating down from a clear, blue sky, a slight breeze in the air, we donned our sunnies and light jackets, and began our walk. Stopping off at a park to converse with the locals selling their wares, I bought some hand-painted postcards from a young lady. I was her first customer! Eggs, toast, and potatoes mixed with good conversation and a few laughs provided us with a burst of energy! What started out as a plan to walk to Element Fresh and brunch with my friend Ann turned into an afternoon of wandering, exploring, and enjoying the beauty happening around the city. Take a trip with us through our neighborhood in Shanghai.


The crosswalk in the middle of the road is a bit weird, but once you get used to it, you hardly notice the bikes, scooters, and cars whizzing by you!


Buds blooming, bursting with excitement at the change of weather, anxious to make their debut, greet us as we meander.


A stop at the “big flower” for an obligatory selfie. The perfectly-manicured lawns, with their beautiful pansy beds provide a beautiful backdrop for us.


Pansies! 🙂


An empty park in Shanghai on a sunny day! A rare find indeed! We enjoyed the weeping willow trees, which to us, seem very “Asian.”


We found what looks like tulips growing on trees…they were beautiful and sweet-smelling!


Even shoes need a little sunshine.


Sherpa’s guys have a tough job! This one’s taking an afternoon nap in the sun, most likely waiting for his next delivery call.


Yep, that’s a goat. On the sidewalk in Shanghai. Nothing really surprises me here anymore. 🙂


The construction site of our new campus. While we couldn’t get in, we peeked through a partially open gate. Things were happening above ground! Yay!




And what day of walking around Shangers would be complete without a little window shopping? Here’s a look at some of the local fashion. I’m not gonna lie, I really love the baboon sweatshirt and the dog shirt. Took some self-restraint not to try them on. 🙂

P.S. I’m so happy that I was able to walk over 8 miles yesterday with little back pain! 🙂

Springtime- SOL #6



As I sit here, bundled up, wishing the cold would finally, finally go away, I find myself searching for a slice. My brain is tired after my day today, so I reach for my notebooks, hoping for some inspiration. In my poetry notebook, I find a poem I wrote last spring, one I have yet to publish. This will have to do for today.


As I sit beneath
the sprawling branches,
I am provided with shade–
but not completely.
The sun peeks through
the bright green leaves,
and as I look up,
my eyes squint,
not used to
so much light,
still used to winter’s
gray, gloomy skies.
I welcome the squinting,
for the brightness of the sun
means spring has finally come.
Looking around me,
I notice a tangle of limbs,
fighting one another for space
as they reach for the sun;
the once manicured flower bed,
where weeds have taken over,
taking root wherever they can,
not worrying whether or not
they were invited;
the freshly-planted flowers
of gold, pink, and purple
soak up the buttery warmth
of the sun’s rays.
Though I can’t see them,
birds sing songs of spring.
wide open,
let in the perfection
of today,
of spring.

What to Wear?- SOL

First of all, I love spring. I love the freshness and newness that it brings. I like to think of it as a fresh start after the long, cold, dreary winter. I love the flowers budding and the splashes of color that pop against the blue sky

But…I find it a little bit annoying when winter is turning into spring, and the weather is trying to figure itself out. Am I cold or warm today? I’m not sure. Will I rain or be sunny? Hmmm…I don’t know. The weather’s fickleness brings me confusion. What do I wear today? Do I dress for cold-ish or warm-ish weather? I never seem to get it quite right.

Those first few sunny, warm days bring me hope that the cold is gone for good, so I start to dress for warmer weather– layering less, leaving the winter coat at home– only to be surprised by yet another cold day. Two days ago, we had the most spectacularly beautiful spring day– warm, sunny, colors appearing out of nowhere– and I dressed for this warmer weather. Only one layer, no jacket…it was bliss! Yesterday was the opposite– cold, rainy, gray– yet, I still dressed for warmer weather. I guess I didn’t want to accept this change. So, I froze all day. Today I dressed for cold and rain. Brought out the winter coat again. Wore two layers. And guess what? I’m hot! It’s wet-ish, but the sun is peeking through the clouds, and with it the warmth comes. Me, in my many layers, winter coat, and Uggs, is the idiot who’s overdressed and sweating underneath it all. I hope that this weather figures itself out soon, or else I’ll need to start carrying extra clothes around with me since I can’t seem to get it quite right! 

Sunshine- SOL

In honor of our third consecutive day of sunshine, here’s my attempt at poetry…


Sun peeking through windows, saying “Time to wake up.”

Umbrella unnecessary, at least for today,

No standing in the shade for me,

Squinting at the shining sun, sunglasses at the ready,

Happiness, hope, a hint that spring is on its way,

Ice melting, inviting me to come and play,

New promises of fun,

Exclamations of joy, it’s exploration time!