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Year in Photos 2016

Sometimes pictures are better than words. They can tell more of a story, inviting the reader to infer their meaning, ask questions about their significance to the writer, and wonder what happened before and after the snapshot was taken. I’ve been telling a story of my year in photos for the past couple of years (click here for my year in photos for 2014 and 2015), and it is an exercise I enjoy, looking back through my year’s photos, deciding which ones to include and which ones are better left out. Without further adieu, here is my 2016 year in photos, in chronological order.


A Slice of Life Baby Announcement! #sol16 13 of 31


I’m a fan of firsts. I just love the excitement they bring! Your first sleepover away from your parents, first kiss, first time in a new place, first bite…all of these things stir up anticipation and exhilaration. I am excited to announce that we have a first on the Slice of Life Story Challenge! My best friend and fellow slicer, Shaggers, who’s been a part of the SOLSC since 2012, has had her baby girl!!! You may have noticed Shaggers’ posts drop off on March 9th, and this is why. Her adorable baby decided to make her debut a month early and surprise her mommy and daddy!

Shaggers had a false alarm on March 9th, when she thought her water was leaking. She was told to stay on bed rest to confirm that it was, but the next day, baby girl was ready to come out. Then, 30+ hours of labor and a c-section later, baby girl entered this big wonderful world, on March 11, 2016!

Look how happy daddy is to be holding his sweet daughter right after she was born! Melts my heart!! Daddy, AKA Jeezy, was a part of last year’s SOL Challenge, too! 🙂

Marlowe Ponderosa is absolutely PERFECT! She weighed in at 5.8 pounds- not too shabby for a month early! She has her momma’s nose and a full head of fuzzy blonde hair. Mommy and baby are both happy and healthy. Marlowe’s favorite things include snuggling up with mommy, getting smoochies from daddy, eating (a lot!), pooping, and sleeping all day. She likes to party at night and keep her mommy up!

 Shaggers is healing quickly, but is understandably sore. I’ve shared all the comments I’ve received from fellow slicers, and she’s very touched by your care and concern. I’m sure in the future, we will get to read more about Shagger’s adventures into mommyhood, and learn more about this precious little girl, Marlowe.

 I’m not set to visit them until July, but I’m dying to hold her! I’m looking forward to my first baby Facetime when they get out of the hospital on Monday, but I’m surviving now on What’s App messages and pictures. Auntie Ennif loves you already Marlowe! 🙂