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What I Don’t Believe

I’ve written two versions of What I Believe poems (attempts #1 and #2). Today I thought I’d try my hand at what I don’t believe.


What I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe there’s
one right way to do something
I no longer believe that you have to be married
to be complete
I don’t believe you should be the first
to leave
I don’t believe in pretending to be someone
you’re not
I don’t subscribe to the belief that
your horoscope will tell you how to live
I don’t believe life
was meant to be lived in just one place
I’m not a believer in
holding back
I don’t believe crying
is weakness
I don’t believe kindness
is ever wasted
I don’t believe in
an eye for an eye
I’ve got no place
for superstitions in my life
I don’t believe in giving up
when you’ve failed
I don’t believe anyone
stays the same throughout their life
I don’t believe in denying
yourself the dreams you’ve always had
I don’t believe there’s
only one way to love
I don’t believe
perfection exists

Writing a poem about what I don’t believe proved to be much more difficult than writing one about what I do believe!

What I Believe #sol18

This is my second attempt at a What I Believe poem. My first is here.

What I Believe

I believe kindness always wins.
I believe people change and grow– sometimes together, sometimes apart. Both are okay.
I believe we have to be our own biggest cheerleader.
I believe our words reveal who we are inside.
I believe everyone should travel to a new place alone– at least once in their lifetime.
I believe a home-cooked meal is love.
I believe we are all a little too hard on ourselves.
I believe everyone is a writer, but many of us just don’t know it yet.
I believe eating plants gives us energy.
I believe I wasn’t meant to live life in one place.
I believe in saying thank you.
I believe in finding someone who complements us rather than completes us– we need to be whole on our own.
I believe in hard work.
I believe disconnecting is good for the soul.
I believe in doing what makes your heart happy.
I believe in taking risks– we don’t grow in our comfort zones.
I believe in second chances.
I believe a beach, a good book, and no agenda make for a perfect day.
I believe we learn from kids more than they learn from us.
I believe in saying sorry when we mess up.
I believe everyone should keep a writer’s notebook to capture their thoughts– you’ll thank yourself one day.
I believe we all have slumps, but we can’t allow ourselves to stay there forever.
I believe listening– truly listening to someone– is a lost art, and if you find someone who does, you should hold onto them.
I believe smoothie bowls are life.
I believe in investing in your own health.
I believe how people react to situations says more about how they’re feeling than anything else.
I believe everyone is beautiful– it’s our job to find their beauty rather than their flaws.
I believe you don’t truly appreciate your family until you’re older.
I believe in making people laugh.
I believe telling our stories is how we share our lives with one another.