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Sweet Reina #sol16 27 of 31


That sweet face right there is none other than Miss Reina Mei, the cutest baby in Africa! I am going to miss all of our snuggles and laughs we shared this week. Reina is the daughter of my good friends Mel and T. I have FaceTimed plenty of times with Reina and seen tons of pictures of her cute, squishy face, but meeting her in person was such a treat!


Reina’s one of those babies that would make you want to have a baby, because you’d be lulled into this false reality where you think all babies are so easygoing, happy 24/7, sleep when it’s time to sleep, wake up when it’s time to wake up, etc. Not only is she an easy baby, she is so much fun to play with! We spent so much time giggling because her laugh is so contagious. My favorite thing to do was tickle her. She gets this big smile on her face and tenses up, but she doesn’t really laugh out loud when you tickle her. She holds her breath til it’s over, but is loving every minute of it.



We went up to Mel’s school on Thursday for Sports Day, but we arrived a little early, just in time for story time! Reina was right in there with the big kids, listening to the story. Mel’s students loved her to death, and it was hard to keep them focused once she arrived! At dismissal time, they all crowded around her to talk to her, make her laugh, and coo at her. How could you not when she’s so stinkin’ cute?!?


Reina and I got to spend a lot of time together during the week while Mel was at work. The other morning, I was blogging, and Reina was on the couch behind me. I kept hearing her making noises to get my attention, and when I’d turn around, I’d see her leaned over looking at me with the biggest grin ever! 🙂


Her eyes melt me every time…especially when she looks up at me like that!


Reina loves to sit on poppa’s shoulders and pull his hair! I’m pretty sure it’s her favorite pastime. Poppa doesn’t mind, and even encourages her by saying “Don’t pull my hair!” in silly voices.


Reina is so good on car trips! We took a long ride out of Dakar (3 hours) on Saturday, and she either played or slept the whole way, despite the heat and length of the ride. All of the adults were more crabby than she was! Look at her lip when she sleeps…it’s so cute how she pokes it out like that! 😀


Reina got a new bow at the market, and she’s so happy to model it for us!



Today was Easter Sunday, and we went out to a place near the beach for lunch. I took a few family photos while we were there. This baby is so photogenic! Oh, and her parents aren’t half bad either. 😉

Thank you Reina for the fun this week. I’m going to miss you! Aunt Jen loves you!!

A Slice of Life Baby Announcement! #sol16 13 of 31


I’m a fan of firsts. I just love the excitement they bring! Your first sleepover away from your parents, first kiss, first time in a new place, first bite…all of these things stir up anticipation and exhilaration. I am excited to announce that we have a first on the Slice of Life Story Challenge! My best friend and fellow slicer, Shaggers, who’s been a part of the SOLSC since 2012, has had her baby girl!!! You may have noticed Shaggers’ posts drop off on March 9th, and this is why. Her adorable baby decided to make her debut a month early and surprise her mommy and daddy!

Shaggers had a false alarm on March 9th, when she thought her water was leaking. She was told to stay on bed rest to confirm that it was, but the next day, baby girl was ready to come out. Then, 30+ hours of labor and a c-section later, baby girl entered this big wonderful world, on March 11, 2016!

Look how happy daddy is to be holding his sweet daughter right after she was born! Melts my heart!! Daddy, AKA Jeezy, was a part of last year’s SOL Challenge, too! 🙂

Marlowe Ponderosa is absolutely PERFECT! She weighed in at 5.8 pounds- not too shabby for a month early! She has her momma’s nose and a full head of fuzzy blonde hair. Mommy and baby are both happy and healthy. Marlowe’s favorite things include snuggling up with mommy, getting smoochies from daddy, eating (a lot!), pooping, and sleeping all day. She likes to party at night and keep her mommy up!

 Shaggers is healing quickly, but is understandably sore. I’ve shared all the comments I’ve received from fellow slicers, and she’s very touched by your care and concern. I’m sure in the future, we will get to read more about Shagger’s adventures into mommyhood, and learn more about this precious little girl, Marlowe.

 I’m not set to visit them until July, but I’m dying to hold her! I’m looking forward to my first baby Facetime when they get out of the hospital on Monday, but I’m surviving now on What’s App messages and pictures. Auntie Ennif loves you already Marlowe! 🙂