The Morning Aftermath

My hotel backs up to Hindley Street, a street teeming with nightlife. An array of bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, and casinos line both sides. While it’s an ideal location for the conference (2 minute walk), it’s not the best place to get a good night’s sleep. At least not on a Saturday night anyway.

I dozed off early in a pain killer-induced haze, only to be awoken numerous times throughout the night by the debauchery and revelry below. At one point, I’m certain I heard fireworks, but I could’ve been dreaming.

This morning, as I walked down the street to grab some brekkie at a cafe, I was met with the remnants of the night. It was eerily empty at 8:00 on a Sunday morning, as I strolled past the closed establishments, my shoes sticking to the pavement. I don’t want to think about what caused the stickiness in the first place. I must remember to wash the soles of my shoes later. The scent of beer and cigarettes hung in the air. I happened upon a few stragglers, drunk men stumbling down the sidewalk in a confused state, looking for their mates perhaps. One man ducked into a doorway, his hands down his pants. I quickly looked away, certain I didn’t want to see what was next.

As I neared the cafe, the seedy part of the street gave way to greenery, store windows with cute window displays, and a beautiful mural on the wall. I was relieved to leave the aftermath of last night behind me.

17 thoughts on “The Morning Aftermath

  1. mbhmaine

    I was looking for your post this morning! You really painted quite the scene here with your well-chosen details. Ew! Glad to see you moved into more salubrious surroundings and I truly hope all the aftermath is behind you and that you are well on your way to recovery.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thank you…I made it through til lunchtime today but then the drowsiness from the meds hit me and I got a migraine so I came back to the hotel to rest. Thanks again for checking in. 💜

  2. Melanie Meehan

    Like Molly, I was also checking in with you on the day after yesterday’s post, and I’m glad the aftermath from yesterday was involving more of the environment than of you! So relieved you were up and walking and in search of food!

  3. cindaroo42

    You describe the discomfort of the night so well, that the details of what happened didn’t matter- like you didn’t know if there were fireworks or not. What mattered that it woke you up and it still lingered in the morning. Hope your got a strong coffee!

  4. Celia Fisher

    Glad to hear that you are better today and got some rest. Hindley Street is probably my least favourite street in the city. I trust you are even better tomorrow when I guess the conference continues?

  5. Fran McCrackin

    It’s as if you were walking away from your own distress and darkness, on to the cute, functioning part of the street! I am with your other readers, so glad you are better. Take it easy. And wash the shoes!!


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