Six-Word Memoirs About Me

I adore six-word memoirs! In just a few words, you can say so much. As a way to get to know me, I thought I’d write a few about myself. It kind of turned into a poem of sorts.

Texan by birth. Expat by choice.

Thirteen years. Six countries, and counting.

USA. China. Albania. Thailand. Indonesia. Korea.

Give me plants. I’ll be happy.

Haven’t eaten meat for twelve years.

Slicing is part of my identity.

Procrastination is okay if you finish.

Hobbies include reading, cooking, entertaining, photography.

Content surrounded by family and friends.

Goat cheese: best flavor, by far.

Life is an adventure. Hold on!

Some call me particular. I concur.

I believe kindness always wins.

Telling stories connects us to others.

Extrovert? Introvert? I’m the perfect mix.

Exploring one place trumps city hopping.

Have passport. Will travel. You coming?

24 thoughts on “Six-Word Memoirs About Me

  1. Erika

    I love the way we can learn so much from these carefully chosen words! Someday I hope we will meet up as our paths seem to come so close so often.

      1. aggiekesler Post author

        I’ve not been there, but I have thought about visiting someday. If I do, I’ll definitely let you know. If you ever come to Jeju, let me know!

  2. Terje

    “Life is an adventure. Hold on!” could be your motto. “Slicing is part of my identity” – year thirteen is the proof. I am so glad we are on this journey together. We have grown older by a whole decade while slicing. A strange thought to contemplate.

  3. Fran Haley

    I love six-word memoir and have used it to encourage reluctant writers. There’s a great lesson on making every word count and the power of finding the just-right word. I do feel I know you through these succinct snippets – moreover, I find myself reflected in some, especially “Telling stories connects us to others” and “Content surrounded by family and friends”. Here are two of mine that I share with kids:

    Words pour in. Words pour out.
    Nature speaks to me. I listen.

    So enjoyed reading this today!

  4. mbhmaine

    I don’t think I’ve ever played around with 6-word memoirs, but I’m now thinking I will. You capture so much in your well-chosen words. Together they create such a vivid picture of you!

  5. TLC

    I tried a six word story last year but love the slight difference to a memoir and stringing many together! Says so much in a simple way.

  6. Glenda Funk

    By now you know my answer to that last question is yes! My favorite of these stellar six-word memoirs is the procrastination one I’m a controlled procrastinator.

  7. Melissa Rosaaen

    I love this! So much packed into a few words. As a lover of words, this hits the spot. Definitely going to try this out.

  8. Greg&Linda

    I have written 6 word memoirs before but never thought to put them together. Great idea! This would make a good “just in case” activity to add to my collection for subbing. And, I really appreciated the descriptions you used.

  9. Book Dragon

    I love six word memoirs. They are the perfect quick study sketch, that can say so much You have deftly patched together a large scale painting with your series of 6 word memoirs. I hope your Spring break is going well and that you are getting all the things crossed of on your to do list that you need to.

  10. Celia Fisher

    Thanks for the reminder about six word memoirs and then I love how you put them together into a kind of a poem. So good. Great photos too!! Yes, slicing has become a part of my life too!

  11. Denise Krebs

    Jennifer, Yes, please! I’m coming! Wow, such a sweet slice. I bet a lot of us will do a post like this sometime in the next three weeks. It was fun to get to know you through these six-word memoirs. No meat for 12 years is impressive! I have cut back a lot, but I still eat a bit when it’s offered to me.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      You should try it! It was fun to write. When I sat down to slice, I didn’t have a plan, but this is what tumbled out. Cutting back is super helpful to the planet! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed finding new vegetarian recipes to make over the years. My current favorite is a creamy, coconut and chickpea curry with spiced coconut rice. Yummm!

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