My Month of Writing

“Isn’t your month of writing starting soon?” my friend and colleague asked me a few weeks ago.

“Hey, your Slice of Life challenge is coming up, isn’t it?” a long-time friend asked during our recent Facetime chat.

Writing each day for the month of March isn’t just something I do, it’s part of who I am. As I embark upon my twelfth year of the Slice of Life challenge, I am giddy with excitement, my fingers itching to write again. Despite my best intentions, I don’t always make time to write. There’s always something else demanding my attention. But for the month of March, I write each day, regardless of the other stuff. I don’t have to write every day. I get to write every day.

The past few weeks, as March 1st crept closer, I have found myself bringing the challenge up in conversations, my excitement bubbling over.

Have you thought about getting into blogging? Well, let me tell you the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of blogging…you should join the Slice of Life challenge with me! It’s this group of writers and educators around the world who write a slice of their day for a whole month. Yes, a whole month. I know it seems daunting, but it’s not that hard. You can write about anything! Plus you get to be a part of this incredible, supportive group of writers. I have met many friends on this challenge that I love revisiting each year. No, I haven’t ever met them face to face, but I feel like I know them even more than some of my “real life” friends. When you read someone’s writing and inner thoughts, you get to know them on a different level. Coming back to the challenge each year is like a reunion. But I also make new friends each year, as I aim to read a couple of unfamiliar slices each day. Yeah, there are days when I don’t know what to write. Well, on days like that, I either write about how I don’t know what to write about (there’s almost always a slice about writer’s block once in the month) or I pull out one of my trusty formats, such as “Currently…”, “TBAs”, or “Hello there…”, and they help me get words on the page. What if I have a bad day? Well, we all have those, so I write through the bad days, too. It’s interesting to look back on those posts, usually angry poems, and wonder what on earth I could have been so upset about. That’s real life. What I love most about the challenge and what keeps me coming back year after year is the community. The support I receive from others who are not perfect writers either, the shared connections with people in similar situations (online teaching during a pandemic, anyone?), the inspiration I get from reading other slices…well, that’s priceless. And as I always say, the SOL challenge is a gift I give myself. Because of this challenge, I have documented 1/12 of my life each year for the past eleven years. And it’s not just the big stuff. The memories that would have been long forgotten after a couple of years are there forever. I love that. I always say that someday I’ll print out my slices and make them into a book for my nieces and nephew to read when they’re older so they can get to know me better.

So, fellow writers, as we start anew with the SOL challenge in 2022, I wish you well. I hope that you find the joy in the daily practice of writing. I hope you capture memories that may seem insignificant now. I hope that you find your people, just like I have, and you can visit them again year after year. I hope that you stretch yourself as a writer and try out new styles and genres (I was always afraid of poetry until the SOL challenge). But most of all, I hope you have fun carving out time to write each day. Let’s get started!

Join me on the Slice of Life Challenge on You won’t regret it!

26 thoughts on “My Month of Writing

  1. Fran Haley

    This: “When you read someone’s writing and inner thoughts, you get to know them on a different level” – so true. Even though many of never met, we know each other…and a community is born. Writing teaches us much about ourselves and sharing our stories makes us remember how much we need one another. Love you how you embrace the Slice of Life challenge!

  2. Terje

    Your attitude and energy are fabulous. “Writing is a gift” and “I get to write” make the word “challenge” in SOLSC less daunting. I am happy you are here again, at this writing reunion.

  3. Kristi Lonheim

    You could have ghost written my post! For me it is not ‘what if I have a bad day’, but ‘WHEN I have a bad day’ as it will happen. I will come looking for your post when it happens. 🙂

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      haha..true! We all have bad days. I find that when I look back on my “bad day” posts, they are almost always written as a poem. It’s the best way for me to get my emotions across.

  4. Amy Maloof

    What a perfect first post for me to read! I’m a new slicer and needed just this kind of enthusiasm and excitement to get me started.
    It’s amazing you’ve been doing the challenge for 12 years now! I hope you have a great March of writing 🙂

  5. mbhmaine

    This is such a fabulous post, filled with positive energy and such appreciation for writing and the writing community. I love that your friends and family know it’s coming up and ask you about it and how you’re an ambassador for others to join in the fun. You really have captured so much of what brings me back year after year. It truly is a gift to myself!

  6. Book Dragon

    I love how you are able to clearly convey that you are giddy with anticipation of the SOLSC and that this month of writing is a gift to yourself.
    Thank you for your effervescent post – it is uplifting and whisks always reservations about a daily writing challenge.

  7. karpenglish

    “I don’t have write every day. I get to write every day.” Perfect! That sums it up exactly. You are a walking (blogging?) SOLSC promoter! In February, my husband sadly said, “You aren’t writing your blog this year?” I told him he was in the wrong month! Last night, my son was helping me come up with writing ideas for today. I’ve never had the nerve, or maybe the time, to tackle the student challenge, but it seems like my challenge is a family affair. I’m excited to be here and excited to see old friends too.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Yay!! You’re back too! 🙂 I was so happy to see your comment. I’ve only done the student challenge once…my first year slicing. I haven’t had my own class since then, but I wish I did because I’d so love it!

  8. mschiubookawrites

    12 years?!? Truly amazing. I love the snippets of conversation that you weaved into this slice. I totally agree with this line- “No, I haven’t ever met them face to face, but I feel like I know them even more than some of my “real life” friends.” March is truly magical.

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