Today I…

For those of you who read my slice yesterday, you know that my school is now closed for a minimum of 2 weeks due to Coronavirus. It’s now 11:30pm local time on 3 March, so all I’m going to be able to do today is a “Today I…” slice. Here we go.

Today I was in crisis management mode all day.

Today I sat in front of my computer and worked nearly nonstop from 6:30am to 11:30pm, only stopping to pee and take a 20 minute walk outside.

Today I toggled between email, video chats, What’s App messages, phone calls, group chats, and Seesaw messages as I tried to respond to the hundreds of messages I received.

Today I forgot to eat, until my tummy started rumbling. Lunch at 5:30 is normal, right?

Today I blew my screen time out of the water.

Today I learned so much about this new world of online learning we’ve been thrown into, but know there’s still so much more to learn.

Today I prepped for all my lessons tomorrow. At least I can go to bed and not have that on my shoulders!

Today I typed about a gazillion words. On a positive note, my typing skills have greatly improved!

Today I realized what I’m made of when faced with a crisis.

Today I realized that I can really focus on something when I need to. No breaks for social media, TV, or reading for me today.

Today I logged a whole 4,005 steps, and that’s with taking a walk to clear my head when I was going stir crazy. Man, this is going to be a long ride.

Today I realized that this whole self-quarantine thing is no joke! I need to be more balanced and move my body so much more tomorrow.

Today I realized that rumors spread faster than wildfires.

Today I realized that when push comes to shove, my team comes together and just gets it done. We really played off one another’s strengths and pitched in where needed.

Today I realized that working at this pace is not sustainable. With that being said…it’s time for bed!

40 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. BeReal81

    I had to go back and read your post from yesterday to fully understand where in the world you are and all that is happening. On the writing front, I loved the way you structured your slice. I had a week of illness and know how the not moving can negatively impact our bodies. My prayers are with you and your fellow teachers and students. I look forward to hearing about your online teaching experiences.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks so much for your support and kind words! It’s comforting knowing people are encouraging and thinking of you from abroad. I’ll keep writing about the experience.

  2. Terje

    We spent our leadership team meeting talking about what if we have to close school. The question of wellbeing when using digital platforms for learning came up. We don’t want the teachers nor students to be behind the screen all day long. I hope that you find a schedule that is healthy for you. Most of all I wish the virus would fade away.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      My suggestion is to make a plan now. Communicate it to your staff, students, and parents. Test out all online platforms now. In the event that you have to close, you’ll be happy you did. I wish it would just go away, too!

      1. Terje

        This is exactly what we are doing. Planning, preparing, communicating. The hardest is to figure out what to do with the youngest kids, or what kind of tasks to give in PE or Music that often require equipment and instruments.

  3. bbutler627

    Oh man, this is rough! I mean your slice here is phenomenal. I felt anxious for you. Felt like I was alongside you, watching you work! Keep at it. I wish this virus was long gone already!

  4. Lisa Keeler

    Wow you are really in the thick of this now. And you are doing an incredible job of making your path forward. I love the structure of your slice and how it allowed you to document and reflect.

  5. Stacey Shubitz

    I think the idea that self-quarantining is hard on the body is important to note. You certainly need to take care of yourself especially if you are well.

    Thinking of you.!

  6. paulabourque

    Many of us may find ourselves in your shoes by the time this is over. I’ll be fascinated to read your slices with this novel experience. Take care of yourself. Sending you good vibes!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Unfortunately I think you’re right. We went from 0 cases in Indonesia to 2 cases and a school closure in the same day! Thanks for the support!

  7. Sonia Jaffe Robbins

    Wow! Living in New York City, where one is in contact with many many people as soon as one steps out the door, I know there’s only one confirmed case so far, a woman who had been in Iran, but I was traveling to and from California last month, so who knows who I was in contact with. Hearing your story makes me realize I really do have to stock up on food staples. Good luck with your work, and I hope you all remain well.

  8. Chrissy Garrison

    I really feel like I am right there with you. I can imagine the anxiety you are feeling. I hope that your colleague is getting better and that you all are off quarantine soon. I bet that a lot of us will be in your shoes sometime soon.

  9. livinglife816287820

    Yes you’ve given us a clear picture of what it’s like, unfortunately I don’t feel the media is giving a clear picture, just inciting panic mode. I could really feel how full your day was and hope you can quickly adjust to the routine. I hope fear doesn’t take over in your part of the world!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      No, media isn’t portraying what it’s really like in many cases. Fear is taking over here, too, but we are trying to remain calm. Thanks for the support!

  10. Susan Kennedy

    So much unchartered water, but you’re navigating like a champ. Remember self-care and you’ve got this. Thanks for the window. This is an important moment in history.

  11. shellymkeller

    Wow! I can’t imagine. It seems like you are on top of everything and doing an amazing job. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this difficult time!

  12. Colin Davitt

    I can’t even imagine. Please keep posting, I think what you write will help many of us in the coming days. We have not started planning for any long term closures yet but I started doing some research on the topic. I have no idea where to start, so overwhelming.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks Colin. I feel like this topic will probably dominate this month, as I’m quarantined at home, so not much else to write about. 😀 If your school might close, I recommend having a plan now. Too stressful without one.

  13. mlb1202

    You are handling the crazy situation that has been thrown at you like a champ!! Having the support system of your colleagues is huge!! Out thoughts are with you all during this difficult time! Two weeks is such a long time to be “home” so definitely take time for you. Take the walk everyday, read for fun, do whatever it is that brings you some joy and peace. Sending love and positive vibes. 😍

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks for the support! You are very sweet. I am lucky to have the colleagues I do. I didn’t follow your advice today, but I will tomorrow!

  14. Kristy L

    Love this slice! I forgot about this format. I used it a few years ago and loved it! Well done in handling this situation. I’m going to go read yesterday’s post to get up to speed and definitely following along as you navigate this! Good luck!

  15. karpenglish

    Gosh, this is quite terrifying. I cannot imagine the strain of being in self-quarantine and not knowing when or if things will get worse. Technology allows us to keep in contact and even keep in touch with students who are not physically in the room with us (I taught that way for six years), but the absence of human contact and normal routines can be a strain too. Hopefully, your colleague recovers quickly and no one else becomes ill. Take care of yourself and don’t work yourself to exhaustion!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Yeah…it’s definitely wearing on me. Virtual contact isn’t the same as physical contact. Gotta stay strong! 12 more days of quarantine.

      1. aggiekesler Post author

        Well…we’ll see if it’s just 12 days. The schools in China, HK, Vietnam were first told 2 weeks…now they’re in week 5!

      2. karpenglish

        That is the really terrifying bit. Who can stockpile supplies for an unknown number of weeks (months?😬) Seattle just closed their schools today, and everyone in Oregon (where I am) is sort of wondering how long it will be before schools start closely locally. Although we have only had three cases in Oregon so far, we are not that isolated as a state, and there are bound to be more soon.

      3. karpenglish

        Yeah, the cases are popping up hard and fast along the West Coast. All those international ports and airports and many, many very large corporations with frequent travel in and out of Asia for many employees, plus cruise ships, oddly. I’m not aware of cases in other parts of the States yet, but Washington and California have been hit quite hard. I hope the virus burns itself out quickly and people get a break as the weather warms up.

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