My ninth Slice of Life Challenge has come and gone. Just like that, another year down. As I sit here in paradise (more on that in next week’s slice), I am filled with gratitude for the TWT community who put so much time and effort into the challenge each year and for the SOL community whose comments fuel me as a writer.

This year, I began the challenge with excitement and energy, but that excitement quickly waned and I found myself in a bit of a writing slump. Looking back, I think that part of that was that no one I knew in real life joined me on the challenge this year. Shags usually writes, having joined me a few years after I started the challenge, but this year she bowed out, having too much going on to manage the commitment to writing daily. After sharing about the challenge incessantly at school, there’s always one or two people I can convince to write; I am always energized by these new-to-the-challenge writers that I can chat about how the SOL challenge is going for them. This year, no one at school joined the challenge. The final shock came when Elsie, who I don’t know in real life but feel like I do, whose been writing alongside me in the challenge since I began (we started the same year) revealed she wouldn’t be writing this year either.

After the initial slump, I found a groove and the writing came easier (most of the time, that is). My slices were a bit all over the place this year and seemed to be so random, whereas I feel that normally they take on a bit of a theme. This year’s slices included narrative, essay-ish writing, poetry, and photographs. I wrote on a variety of topics, such as travel, reading, the gym, friendship, reflections in general and those from forms (TBAs, Currently, Hello there, Today I…), life abroad, and school.

Sometimes I was proud of my writing, other times I was doing well just to get words on a page. In any event, the SOL challenge serves as a one-month peek into my life, and for that, I’m grateful. Looking back on my slices year on year, I enjoy reliving the memories, laughing at long forgotten stories, and seeing just how far I’ve come in life and as a writer.

Reading and commenting on other slicers’ posts is what this challenge is all about, and this year I’ve been fortunate to deepen my bond with past slicers and make new ones with new slicers. Thank you to all of you who took the time to read and comment on my slices. The comments mean more than you know. 🙂

Here’s to trying to slice on Tuesdays…one down, 51 to go!

9 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Ramona

    Hey, I say one down 47 to go and then we’ll be back to March again and writing daily. I don’t know if I made it by your blog, but I enjoyed reading your reflection. I missed Elsie this year too! The comments and connections we make are truly what fuel our writing. Thanks for being here for nine years!

  2. Alice Nine

    Writers and readers… writing and reading and commenting — March is the magic of it all woven together, isn’t it? I enjoyed reading your reflection and appreciated your comments on my March posts. Here’s to Tuesday slices.

  3. Mukhamani

    I have been writing in SOL every Tuesday but I have never tried the March one. I have always thought whether I will be able to write everyday. Your post has helped , next year I will. Thank you

  4. readingteachsu

    It’s amazing how each year is a little different. I would love to slice in real life. This year I stuck mostly to my Tuesday slicers and my welcome wagon I wish could have read and supported even more slicers. I remember and still think it’s a little scary to put your words out there.

  5. livinglife816287820

    Nine years, that’s amazing! Well done, I’ve enjoyed reading your slices and the whole month of March has been great. Like you I’ve had good and bad days, when writing flows or is rubbish! Haven’t tried the Tuesday writing before, so will see how it goes!

  6. Elisabeth Ellington

    I missed Elsie too! I always get so many writing ideas from her. I think it would be amazing to have colleagues join in the slicing. I hope you will find some takers next year. It felt like a much easier than usual challenge for me this year. I’m not sure how deep or memorable anything I wrote was, but I enjoyed playing around with forms and finding other slices to write from each day.

  7. elsie

    What can I say? I am humbled to be missed. The energy and timing just wasn’t there for me this year. Maybe I will be back next year. I must say, I never noticed a slump in your writing. You live a very different and exotic life from my own. I love reading your adventures (and every day is an adventure) and wonder if I could have done what you did. I was totally ignorant about teaching internationally. I’m glad I had the teaching experience that I did, because it allowed me to retire and still have energy to continue with some part-time work in schools. I will get back to Tuesdays, soon.

  8. Jaana

    As a returning slicer, I loved reading your posts! And yes, I missed Elsie’s comments and posts as well! I am planning to write on Tuesdays this year. Hopefully, I’ll manage, at least most of the Tuesdays (as long as I am in a place with internet). Looking forward to reading about this paradise where you are sitting.

  9. Terje

    I am glad that you wrote. You have special kind of energy and spark, that doesn’t completely fade even on sump days. I had several long time slicer friends who didn’t join this year, and I thought I would be lonely. I wasn’t.


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