Good for the Soul

You know those friendships that can withstand time and distance? Those ones where you can just pick up right where you left off, no matter how long it’s been? Lauren’s one of those friends. We’ve both had a lot going on and haven’t been able to catch up in way too long, but when she called me tonight, it was like being enveloped in a big hug.

Not wasting any time, we launched right into our conversation, catching one another up on the details of our lives, celebrating one another’s victories and empathizing with the low points. I’m honestly so damn happy for her. She’s had a lot to overcome these last few years, but she’s in such a good place now. Of all the people out there, she deserves it. Lauren’s the kind of person who would do anything for the people she cares about, oftentimes putting herself as the last priority, so to see her looking after herself and thriving instead of just surviving makes my heart swell.

As we meandered through topics of conversation, time stood still. Before we knew it, well over an hour had passed. With both of us needing to wake up early for school, we reluctantly ended our chat, knowing we could have kept on going for at least another hour. It’s definitely a to be continued conversation. Luckily the next time we pick up where we left off, we’ll be able to do it in person. We will both be in Bangkok next week and have already set aside Monday as our day to hang out, doing all the things we love- eating yummy Thai food, getting massages, sitting by the pool, and engaging in deep conversations, of course! One week to go…I can’t wait!

Talking with Lauren was good for the soul. I needed that tonight.

This picture of us was from 2 years ago in Thailand when we went on a crazy adventure road trip that I won’r soon forget! πŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “Good for the Soul

      1. elsie

        I did miss the daily writing and posting, but I didn’t miss the frantic feel of needing to comment a lot. I know I put that pressure on myself.

      2. aggiekesler Post author

        I know how you feel. Commenting this year has been harder than normal. I still get in about 10 or so a day, but way less than normal.

  1. sodamountainsandy

    Dear one, your slice of life was beautiful and Unbeknownst to you it could not have been more timely to support Lauren. Thank you and still hoping to meet you face-to-face one day soon. Love Sandy

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  2. paulabourque

    I love following you on these adventures. Having a friend to share them with is the best! So glad you have those friendships and appreciate them so deeply. I can only imagine how delicious Thai food in Bangkok must be. Take a bite of something spicy for me!!


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