I’m currently…

Listening to a chill playlist including some of my favorite artists- Dermot Kennedy, Wrabel, and Sleeping at Last. It’s oh-so-soothing and the perfect backdrop for writing.

Loving the new Queer Eye episodes, my dinner of a veggie burger with paratha, and the fact that I’ll be heading to Bangkok to spend time with Callie in just 6 short days.

Drinking sweetened iced tea. Feels like home.

Thinking about how I’m going to pack for my summer adventure in only a carry-on. As a habitual overpacker, I just know I’m going to struggle to fit everything in under 7-10 kgs. I still need to research the baggage weight limits on all my flights.

Wanting to see all the new movies coming out this summer, especially Toy Story 4 and Aladdin.

Procrastinating my inbox clean up, lesson observation feedback emails, and a few other jobs. Weekends aren’t my most productive time.

Needing to sort out everything for my background checks in China, Thailand, and Albania. Ugh…wish I had gotten them when I lived there. Not my smartest move, for sure.

Reading very little this month. My reading life takes a nose dive in March, as writing time fills my free time. I’m currently in the middle of a few books, and I’m looking forward to finishing them up next month.

Worrying about how I’m going to get everything done before the end of the school year, which is a mere two months away.

Wondering if I should start one of the new books I bought this week before I finish the ones I’m currently reading. I am just so excited for my new books!

Anticipating my summer travel plans. Now that I’ve made my plans, I can’t wait to travel to all the places and see all the people I love. I know it’s going to be here before I know it, but 10 weeks seems so far away!

This weekend has been hard for me to decide what to write about. Hoping I can finish out the challenge without having to rely on any more formats. What are you currently doing?

41 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Ms Victor Reads

    Personally, I love the “currently” format. There are so many things in your post I can connect to- from watching Queer Eye to procrastinating (and more). I also do not have all my checks from all the countries I have lived in and do not envy you working on that- are you moving on or just planning ahead?

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      We share many things in common I’ve realized by reading your slices! No, I’m planning on being here another year at least, probably two. Just trying to get ahead.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      haha…I purposely stretched them out this season. I binged seasons 1 and 2 and was sad when they were over. I love them all, but Jonathan’s my fave! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Colin Davitt

    Liked this format. Might copy the idea in an upcoming slide. I have sometimes struggled with the idea of packing light. I have this weird obsession with pens, for some reason I pack too many pens.

  3. learn_thru_it

    What an amazing post format! Can be done as personal, professional or both! And I relate to so much in it too: loving the Queer Eye, sweet tea sounds amazing, Procrastinating, Reading and Worrying are all same, same, same. Have fun in Bangkok! I love that city…

  4. Terje

    I like this format. Reading and exercise have shrunk this month in my life to make space for writing and reading slices.

  5. achaiteacher

    Dermot โค๏ธ love this format! I’ve written down ideas for slices throughout the month in case I need a backup, but mostly everything has come naturally. This past Thursday and Friday were HUGE band-aid posts, though. Yesterday I shared my slice in social media, so I think that made up for it!

  6. Fran McCrackin

    I think โ€œcurrentlyโ€ is more SOL than a list- it reveals all the various and sometimes conflicting things we hold inside at any moment! REading your list- that of an experienced traveler- was fun for many of us who share some of your experiences but are in awe of others!

  7. Jaana

    Clever format to share a variety of information. New Queer Eye episodes are on my list. Perhaps I’ll get to see at least an episode or two this spring break.

  8. readingteachsu

    I write about books on Monday. Thursday OLW. Friday follows. Saturday my coaching notebook. So Sunday and Tuesday are about noticing and naming. You can do it six more days. You could write about any one of those things long.

  9. karpenglish

    I cannot believe you are going to do all that traveling this summer with JUST a carry-on. I cannot get on a plane without at least 2 or 3 books to read, and have been know to half fill suitcases with books too. This may be why I am not an intrepid world traveler!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I don’t know how I’m going to do it honestly! I’ve decided that I’m bringing no books (the horror!) but I will bring my new Kindle paperwhite loaded with books. I’m going to have to do a practice run for sure!

      1. karpenglish

        I stopped breathing for a second there at the thought of all those plane trips without books! But, the Kindle paper white made me feel better. I am basically opposed to books that I have to charge and turn off for take off and landing, but there is no denying how much easier eBooks make packing and traveling light! I am slowly learning to appreciate digital books, even if I am a Luddite at heart.

      2. aggiekesler Post author

        I know, I know…definitely not the same. But I can’t risk the weight. I will be taking actual books on my trip next week though, since packing for the beach means very little clothing is actually required. ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. karpenglish

        Beach trips are the best. My husband and I spent a week in Molokai once and basically packed swimsuits, a pair of shorts and a shirt each and 15 books for me and 8 for him. (I read faster!) Probably our best vacation ever! (And I was in Hawaii on crutches!)

      4. karpenglish

        I don’t do that on every vacation! But- very low key and reasonably isolated island, private house with a pool, and a broken ankle which kept me from accessing the beach, hiking, exploring, or even swimming, and I had a LOT of reading time on my hands!

  10. Sara T.

    1) I love these formats (and obviously so do others)!
    2) I canโ€™t wait to start Queer Eye – everyone is talking about it!
    3) I can totally relate to the excitement of wanting to start a new book while Iโ€™m technically in another book I know I should finish.

  11. bbutler627

    I’m dying to start the newest Queer Eye season! I’m hoping some time opens up this week to do it. Always good to hear it’s not going to be a waste of time or a disappointment.

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