What’s My Thing?

This morning I was catching up on a podcast I enjoy called ‘Out of the Ordinary.’ At the end of Episode 19, “You Called Me WHAT Now?”, Christie and Lisa Jo have a conversation about what their thing is, and it got me thinking, What’s my thing?

For as long as I can recall, talking’s been my thing. I talk fast and often and my stories go on forever. I’m getting much better at being more of a concise writer, however my oral storytelling is anything but. I’m the kind of person who could talk the ear off a mannequin. Put me in a long line, such as waiting for a ride at Disneyland, a grocery store check-out line on a busy day, or waiting in the line at immigration, and I’m bound to make at least one friend. I just can’t help it. I love to talk.

Back in elementary school, I got straight A’s, but the thorn in my parents’ side was the dreaded U I got in “Controls talking” on my report cards. I tried so hard to improve. I sometimes got an N, but never an S or an E. Finally giving up on the idea that I would earn good marks in this category, they were content with anything above a U. By the way, can you imagine if our report cards now had “Controls talking”? Ridiculous!

Most people nowadays prefer a text over a phone call, but I much prefer chatting over the phone rather than typing it all out. I like to hear the inflection in the other person’s voice; it tells you so much about how they’re feeling. When I tell my stories, I want them to hear the different voices I use and understand the subtle nuances you can only get when listening. Plus, I want to know if they’re really laughing or just using the obligatory lol. I tend to annoy people when I call out of the blue, without the warning text first, but my friends that really know me get that that’s just me, and they answer most of the time. 😉

When I think about why I have the gift of the gab, I guess it’s because I enjoy making personal connections with other people. Having a conversation with someone helps you get to know them on a different level and develop a stronger bond. Texting is okay, but after a while, the connection between you and the other person wanes, unless you regularly talk to or see them.

Sarcastic banter also fuels me. Paying someone out in a playful way is so much fun, but way easier to do in person. So often written text can be misinterpreted. The reader reads into it, putting their own attitude and spin on it. The subtlety is lost, and unless you really know someone, most sarcastic comments and jokes can come across as mean when sent as written communication.

So, despite the changes in how people communicate lately, where much of it is now virtual and that human connection is lost, I still choose to talk because talking’s my thing.


15 thoughts on “What’s My Thing?

  1. Northliving2001

    That’s nice you are aware of what your thing is. That helps to understand when someone gets overwhelmed. I wonder if you most of the times end up with a quiet person as a partner or are you attracted to people who also enjoy talking?
    Nice way to describe part of your personality.

  2. Leigh Anne Eck

    I’m definitely NOT a talker. But I’m a pretty good listener, so when we are standing in line together, I would be the person listening for your sarcasm and nuances! Just rereading this post, I can tell you are a talker! 🙂 Oh, and “controls talking” on a report card? My students would never make it! Fun slice!

  3. Veronica

    This was fascinating to read, especially with what you remember about school.

    I loved this slice that revealed something about yourself. Thank you!

  4. jsementelli

    Oh my gosh I relate to this so much!! I am a gabber for sure and I definitely have some people/friends that get a little annoyed with me haha! The “lol” part over texting gets me ALL THE TIME!! hahaha! Thanks for the post and sharing!

  5. Elisabeth Ellington

    I’m actually more on the quiet listening side now, but I never could get a good grade on “conduct” on my elementary report cards because I talked so much! Now you’ve got me wondering, what’s MY thing?

  6. kimashworth

    I love this! This is me! we should talk!
    “I’m getting much better at being more of a concise writer, however my oral storytelling is anything but.” SAME!

  7. Terje

    It’s good that the school wasn’t able to change you forma talker to a quiet child. Words are your friends when you talk and write.

  8. stephaniemeier94

    I am NOT a talker anywhere except the classroom- I much prefer to listen and write. However…. talk about music, and you won’t get me to stop! Music is my thing. Music knowledge is my thing. I love everything about it. It’s interesting to think about when it comes down to it- what’s one thing that you feel defines yourself? Wow. Thanks for the extra prompt for self reflection today

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂 You totally made me realize I didn’t include what I could talk about forever! Books and reading! I need to go back and edit it now.

  9. Jaana

    I agree that Sarcastic banter is very difficult when texting. too much explaining! And like you said, I can’t judge the listeners’ facial expressions.

  10. karpenglish

    I feel like I can totally see you talking up a storm in long lines all over the world. It is a good attribute for someone adventurous who travels, that’s for sure. I am more of a “hide in the corner, please don’t make me speak to strangers” kind of person, but in writing I can be much more outgoing. I definitely agree about sarcasm in texts. Unless you really, really know the person, it simply won’t work. I am sarcastic to my sister in texts, because we know each other so well that we can hear the various voices and see the facial expressions even in text form, but I don’t think I’d dare it with many other people.


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