Today I…

Today I woke up before my alarm clock. For the third day in the row. Who am I??

Today I listened to Dermot Kennedy on heavy repeat. Again. Thanks achaiteacher for the introduction!

Today I attended five meetings.

Today I was frustrated and let my emotions get the better of me.

Today I joked around with some colleagues.

Today I helped lead the Primary students in their last practice before tomorrow’s dress rehearsal. They did much better today!

Today I attended an Art Exhibition by our IB Diploma students whose work was very impressive.

Today I tried to convince a colleague to join the SOL Challenge next year. He might need more nudging.

Today I walked 9,801 steps. Guess I’ll need to walk a few circles around my living room to reach my daily goal.

Today I had to deal with some discipline issues. The lack of routine this week is taking its toll on us all.

Today I enjoyed an energetic and exciting conversation with friends over dinner.

Today I sent 18 emails. Way less than normal!

Today I took some things personally. Stress from the production is causing negative side effects.

Today I read and commented on my fellow slicers’ slices.

Today I told stories. Some funny, some interesting.

Today I was not nearly as productive as I needed to be, putting me further behind.

Today I ate lunch, at my desk, while in a meeting, typing between mouthfuls.

Today I worried about what a friend is going through, wishing I could give her a hug, listen to her, and simply be there for her.

Today I thought about what to slice all day.

Today I was going to write a story, but this list wanted to be written instead.


18 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    You had one heck of a productive day!
    Send an email to him and to me tomorrow and we’ll try to nudge him into participating next March. (Maybe we can get him to try some Tuesdays year-round.)

  2. Terje

    Full day. Busy. Emotional. Up and down. Sometime so much happens that the best format to write is a list. I like lists.

  3. Jess B.

    You are a very busy person! I personally like the list, you may feel overwhelmed, but look at all the things you’ve accomplished already!

  4. Jaana

    I have to agree with Alice, “Today I thought about what to slice all day.” reminded me of my day as well (although not as busy as yours).

  5. karpenglish

    Busy busy busy day! I like the “Today I…” format. It lets you include the highs and the lows and the good, the bad, and the ugly without feeling like you are wallowing in any of it. I find that tough, stressful days are the hardest on which to write- not because of the time crunch, but because I get bogged down in the trivia and the bad feelings. Next time, I’ll try your list!


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