It All Comes Together in the End #sol18

There’s something magical about a student performance, isn’t there? Despite the stress of rehearsals, the What the heck do they think they’re doing?!? thoughts that fill your head, the constant reminders to sing louder, turn around, No you can’t jump around on the stage, you’re supposed to be singing right now! moments, they somehow fix all (okay…most) of the problems when they get on that stage in front of their parents. It’s like *magic*.

I have to admit, I was kind of dreading our Spring Primary Concert this afternoon after witnessing rehearsals this week. As a leader who tries not to micro-manage, the responsibility for the concert lay on our music teacher. With only one lesson per week per class, I have to admit I was skeptical as to how he was going to pull it off. Then during rehearsals yesterday, when the students forgot their lines, played around on the stage, didn’t know how to line up to enter or exit the stage, my thoughts were, Oh no, what are the parents going to say? They aren’t going to like this. And, they’re going to blame me.

I jumped in to support, as did a number of our go-getter teachers, and it got a little bit better. This morning’s rehearsal was even better than yesterday, but there were still some major hiccups I worried was about. At that point though, it was what it was and there wasn’t much else that could be done. As they say, the show must go on!

As parents filed into the gym, I nervously waited for the show to begin. One by one, the year groups came up to sing, and they were great! There was some wild hand motions that hit the microphone hanging over the students’ heads (to be fair, they weren’t there during rehearsal and he was really tall), a bit of singing off-key (What Primary performance doesn’t have this?), and the most adorable little Year 2 student standing on his tippy-toes, his hands cupped around his mouth, leaning as close to the microphone as possible to project his already loud voice across the gym (his extremely off-key singing only added to the cuteness). But you know what, those were the moments when it was real. This is what kids do, right? It wasn’t a disaster as I had feared. It went well, parents were happy, and kids were proud of themselves. And that’s all that matters.

11 thoughts on “It All Comes Together in the End #sol18

  1. Elisabeth Ellington

    I have a very hard time keeping my cool during a primary performance. I typically giggle throughout and have to shushed by my husband. I am so glad this one went off so well and, especially, that the kids were proud of themselves.

  2. elsie

    Kids will be kids and that’s what makes us love working with them. Yay, the performance was just right. You know they say, bad rehearsal means a great performance. 🙂

  3. Alice Nine

    Yes, there is something magical. It’s so magical that we even remember those performances years later when we are adults. It is worth all the time and energy to help students experience them. And their cuteness is what every mom and dad loves.

  4. Ashley ❤ (@AshleyLS_16)

    Yes, audience and authenticity make for pretty great magic! Most of us respond or act differently if someone is going to be impacted in a meaningful way by something that we do. And I don’t ever want to be in charge of putting on a show for parents – too much pressure for me! 🙂

  5. karpenglish

    It sounds like a great performance! Random passers-by on the street might not have been enthused, but parents and teachers and all those who love and care about the kids see and feel the magic when they perform.


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