What I Believe #sol18

This is my second attempt at a What I Believe poem. My first is here.

What I Believe

I believe kindness always wins.
I believe people change and grow– sometimes together, sometimes apart. Both are okay.
I believe we have to be our own biggest cheerleader.
I believe our words reveal who we are inside.
I believe everyone should travel to a new place alone– at least once in their lifetime.
I believe a home-cooked meal is love.
I believe we are all a little too hard on ourselves.
I believe everyone is a writer, but many of us just don’t know it yet.
I believe eating plants gives us energy.
I believe I wasn’t meant to live life in one place.
I believe in saying thank you.
I believe in finding someone who complements us rather than completes us– we need to be whole on our own.
I believe in hard work.
I believe disconnecting is good for the soul.
I believe in doing what makes your heart happy.
I believe in taking risks– we don’t grow in our comfort zones.
I believe in second chances.
I believe a beach, a good book, and no agenda make for a perfect day.
I believe we learn from kids more than they learn from us.
I believe in saying sorry when we mess up.
I believe everyone should keep a writer’s notebook to capture their thoughts– you’ll thank yourself one day.
I believe we all have slumps, but we can’t allow ourselves to stay there forever.
I believe listening– truly listening to someone– is a lost art, and if you find someone who does, you should hold onto them.
I believe smoothie bowls are life.
I believe in investing in your own health.
I believe how people react to situations says more about how they’re feeling than anything else.
I believe everyone is beautiful– it’s our job to find their beauty rather than their flaws.
I believe you don’t truly appreciate your family until you’re older.
I believe in making people laugh.
I believe telling our stories is how we share our lives with one another.


26 thoughts on “What I Believe #sol18

  1. Alex Lancia

    Beautiful. So personal and yet so applicable to many (or at least we should aspire to such) – your line “I believe you don’t truly appreciate your family until you’re older” really resonated with me and it really is so true. Also had a look at your blog and love the pics. I am just up the road in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for sharing.

      1. aggiekesler Post author

        I’ll have to check out your blog, too! I love reading stories from fellow expats. I feel like we’re kindred spirits on this incredible journey.

  2. elsie

    I believe you have tapped into many of my beliefs too. Although I believe it, I don’t always live the belief to the fullest. I need to work on that. I don’t write in a writer’s notebook often enough.

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I know what you mean! I also need to utilize my writer’s notebook more and I’m working on being a better listener, especially when I have other things going on.

  3. mrsday75

    So many of my own beliefs here and I like that you wrote them down. Think I’m going to have to start my own list in my notebook.

  4. shellymkeller

    Beautiful list. Many are my same beliefs. Keeping a writer’s notebook has been amazing! Have one at home and I create one every year along with my students! It has helped me evolve as a writer!

  5. Jen Driggers

    A beautiful list of beliefs. Almost like a reflection. I’m so glad I scrolled and found your post. I have many of the same beliefs, but you have inspired me to start a list in my Writer’s notebook and hopefully it will turn into a Slice this month.

  6. mlb1202

    Wow! I LOVE this list of beliefs. What a great post, thank you. I share many of your beliefs and agree so much about the art of listening to each other. I really enjoyed reading your list, and might give this idea a try myself! 🙂

  7. karpenglish

    I have never been able to write an “I Believe” poem. All my attempts are just “yech.” You make it look so easy, and have so many beautiful beliefs!

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