Why I Slice #sol18

Why I Slice

I slice to slow down.
I slice to be a part of something bigger than myself.
I slice to figure things out.
I slice to remember.
I slice because it pushes me as a writer.
I slice to capture fleeting moments.
I slice because comments fuel me as a writer.
I slice to experiment with new forms of writing.
I slice because it makes me happy.
I slice because having a deadline forces me to write something, anything.
I slice to reflect.
I slice to catch up on my slicer friends’ lives.
I slice because it gives me a glimpse into one month of my life each year.
I slice to show a snapshot of real life- the ups and the downs.
I slice because it allows me a space to be vulnerable.
I slice because it’s a part of who I am.

Today marks the start of my eighth year as a part of the Slice of Life Challenge. I look forward to the challenge every year, and this one is no different. I’m writing to you from a new country, Indonesia, so I expect there will be slices about my new surroundings, culture, and school. There will also be the everyday kinds of slices about my life as an expat and an educator. I can’t wait to revisit my favorite slicers and discover new ones. So glad you all are on this journey with me. Have a great month of writing, and when the words won’t come, just remember why you slice.


36 thoughts on “Why I Slice #sol18

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Beautiful poem to kick off the challenge! I agree with all of what you wrote. I especially love the month-long glimpse into my year each March!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Me too! It’s so fun rereading my posts…and seeing the funny, mundane, and sad moments. Sometimes I can’t even remember why I felt a particular way, but it’s good to see the variety!

  2. mrspalmerponders

    While I read your poem about why you slice, I couldn’t help but think of the SOL family as the Facebook of writers when you wrote, “I slice to catch up on my slicer friends’ lives.” I am still new to this community, having only started the weekly slicing last summer; but I know it’s a great place to be! Happy slicing in your faraway home!

  3. mbush17

    This is a great slice! I loved reading this and can relate to it! My favorite is number three, I slice to reflect. I am a very big into journal-ling and slicing helps me even more on reflecting. Love it and am excited to read all your slices!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks! Reflecting is BIG, especially this month. I reflect often, but I don’t always write my reflections down. Slicing is a great way for me to do that. Looking forward to your slices this year, too! πŸ˜‰

  4. elsie

    You are back bright and early (at least in my world). Can’t wait to read what’s been happening in your world since you last wrote. Great reasons for slicing!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Only bright and early in your world! It’s bedtime here for me on March 1st. πŸ™‚ Glad to be back. Gonna dust off the cobwebs on the ole blog. πŸ™‚

  5. Going Global: An International Adventure Series...

    A whole year has gone by since you introduced me to this! And so much has happened. Thank you for your inspiration. I’m excited to follow you and to post a few of my own slices

  6. jee young

    I can totally relate to all of the reasons of why you slice…I’m excited to hear about your life in Indonesia! You are so close by now! πŸ™‚

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      I am close! Only an hour flight away. I’ll actually be in Singapore at the end of the month for an IB conference. If you’re around, perhaps we could grab dinner one evening. 😊

  7. Alice Nine

    Great list! As I read, I kept saying in my head “Check.” I am coping your list to past in my journal. Hope you don’t mind.

  8. mlb1202

    Love your list of why’s. Two of them struck with me too. To slow down. (Big one for me) and to push myself as a writer. I feel like they go hand and hand in as I have to slow down and breathe before I can write. Great start to the March Challenge and congrats on 8 years!!!

  9. cvarsalona

    Great meeting you. I am very impressed with your photography work and your quest for adventure. Here are two lines that stand out to me in your post: I slice because comments fuel me as a writer. I slice because it allows me a space to be vulnerable. Please check out my invitation to my global winter gallery and let me know if you are interested in posting from your travels. Most writers who write poetry use the #imagepoem format that I shared at my post. Here is the link: http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2018/01/invitation-to-winter-wonderland-gallery.html. Hope to see more of you this month.

  10. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Yes, so many benefits of slicing … you captured so many I connect to, especially: “I slice to be a part of something bigger than myself” — which was not an expected outcome and also “I slice because it’s a part of who I am.” And that’s just awesome. Here’s to year #8!! Happy writing!

  11. shaggerspicchu

    Look at you writing a poem!
    Maybe I will try writing something other than a poem this year.

    I am so excited to read all of your slices this year πŸ˜€
    I am so thankful you encouraged me to join this community!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      haha…it just felt right! πŸ˜‰ You shine at poems, but yes, try out some other genres every once in a while! I’m so glad you joined, too!

  12. karpenglish

    I love the poem! I am also glad to be back and looking up all of my slicer friends. I look forward to your humor and your interesting stories. πŸ˜€ And I sincerely hope that Indonesia does not land you on the injured list like Thailand did last year!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thanks! So glad you’re back again this year. I look forward to your slices, too. πŸ™‚ Well, I’m actually in a boot right now. :O I fell in January and tore 2 ligaments in my ankle. Yes, the same ankle as Thailand. Hopefully my bad luck streak is over! πŸ™‚

      1. karpenglish

        Oh no! That’s terrible! Not the same ankle! πŸ˜– I hope your healing is going well. Those darn ankle ligaments are murderous difficult to heal.

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