Drowning in Slices

Swimming in a sea of slices

circling, swirling, so many to choose from

unable to settle on just one

drowning, quite literally, in slices


Do I write about my trip to the movies this weekend

to see Beauty and the Beast?

Acutely aware of how un-handicap accessible

the theater was

precariously hobbling

stairs upon stairs

but oh, so worth it


Or what about the twins,

who are finally breaking free of

their shells?

Come play with me!

Constructing a teetering tower,

laughter flowing, as the blocks cascade down

Our private glances,

telling each other stories,

words not needed


How about the thrill of a new book?

Settling in to read, yet

unable to keep my eyes open


(In case you didn’t know,

Zzzzzz means sleep!

according to J.J.,

my dormant EAL student,

who just today made a connection

between our letter of the week and

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site)


Or do I tell you of the (mostly) unsuccessful attempts

to reheat last night’s leftover lasagna

in a small pot on a hot plate

while standing on one foot?

Oh the joys of not having

a microwave, or oven for that matter


Or better yet,

I could pine my notebook

teeming with stories not yet written

sifting through the ideas

until I found the perfect one


Drowning in slices,

this poem will have to do.



28 thoughts on “Drowning in Slices

  1. Leigh Anne

    Just reading through this, you might have enough slices to get you through the rest of the month! Isn’t it amazing how we find stories everywhere!

    1. aggiekesler Post author

      Thank you! You are so sweet! 🙂
      I didn’t envision my slice turning out this way, but I couldn’t pinpoint which slice to write about…

  2. mlb1202

    Love this poem! I also love that you were able to give us little snippets about so much going on in your life and in your mind. So many to chose from, can’t wait to hear a few. 🙂

  3. elsie

    It’s nice to have so many choices for a slice. It’s especially great to give a snippet of several and turn it into a clever poem. I’ve often noted how the rest of the world doesn’t take handicapped people into consideration for accessibility. Hope you are on two legs soon.

  4. Lorie Barber

    I love this! This is my first time slicing, and I had this “plan.” But I don’t really need it because the longer I do this, the more present I am to notice small things around me, and the more ideas are flowing out of my head!

  5. djvichos

    Often we writers think about the drought, I loved seeing the flip side. What a world when every where you look, you see the potential to write.

  6. Going Global: An International Adventure Series...

    This was great!! I either like poetry or hate it. The ones Im drawn to are usually snippets that give me a glimpse into a thought or a glance st a moment. Loved the glimpses and glances!!

  7. karpenglish

    I love the way your poem manages to include so many potential slices in such a small number of words. I feel this way about reading the slices too. There are so many interesting and exciting and thought-provoking and moving pieces to read, and I just never have time enough to read every single one!


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