Enveloped in Kindness

Ever since my accident over the weekend, I have received countless kind words and actions from friends and strangers. I cannot get over just how nice everyone has been, especially given the fact that I’ve been here less than two months!

From the moment the crash happened, when several Good Samaritans came to my rescue, I have been surrounded by kindness! My friend and boss, Julie, went to incredible lengths to make sure I was taken care of. From taking me to the ER when the initial crash happened to setting me up in her house for the first day and night to waiting on me whenever I needed something to taking me to my follow-up appointment the next day to checking on me daily, she has gone out of her way to make sure I’m well taken care of. I cannot thank her enough for her generosity!


My friend Lauren was the sweetest! On Saturday afternoon, she and Lincoln delivered a yummy Thai care package of a fresh coconut, mango sticky rice, and pomelo, all my favorite things here in Thailand! Later on that evening, she made me homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese, the ultimate in comfort food. She’s the best!


After hearing about my accident, a colleague of mine, Dainty, brought over a bounty of treats including more mango sticky rice, bananas, bread and tomato salsa from the local Italian joint, and more pomelo. She barely even knows me, but went out of her way!

My colleague and friend, Elissa, has been checking on me non-stop offering to bring me anything I needed. She sent over fresh fruit and a Starbucks treat via her husband Mitch on Sunday. She’s also been helping me out in the lesson planning department by supporting my sub while I’m laid up in bed. I am so blessed to have her as a friend!

Josh, my friend, neighbor, and writing buddy, has also gone out of his way to help me, bringing me a jug of water, helping me tidy up my apartment, and hanging out with me. He’s coming over again today after work to keep me company and eat some dinner. I am so lucky to have met him during my first week, one rainy day at the hotel we were staying. He’s turned out to be a great friend!

I’ve also received countless texts and emails from colleagues, friends, family, and my students’ parents offering their well wishes and offers to help. Whenever strangers see me struggling to get around on my crutches, they offer support, by way of holding doors, helping me with my bag, or just a simple smile.

I am one lucky girl! I mean, getting into a motorbike accident is no fun, and in a foreign country, it’s definitely not ideal, but the people I’ve been surrounded by have made it a little more bearable!

18 thoughts on “Enveloped in Kindness

  1. sanguinepenguin23

    Sorry to hear about your accident!! So glad to hear you’re okay and you have so many people near and far thinking about you and taking car of you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

  2. elsie

    You just never know who will step up or step away when you are in need. How lucky you are to be surrounded by so many who are supporting you. Mango sticky rice is one of my favorite flavors from my visit to Bangkok. Yum!

  3. Adrienne

    OMG! I just went back to read about “the accident”. I am glad you are OK and surrounded by kindness. I had an injury this year and was surprised by kindness, too. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. Going Global: An International Adventure Series...

    Did you ever think your blog would be filled with a chronicle of a scooter accident? Truly a slice of life.

  5. isbergamanda

    Reading your post about all of the great food (and people) in Thailand really makes me want to work there even more! Sadly, Thai food is one of the things that you never find in Venezuela.

  6. caroline524

    In such a time when all we hear and read is about the hatred and disrespect toward each other, it was a pleasure to read your post about the kindness and generosity of others. Thank you.

  7. anita ferreri

    I’m so sorry to read of your accident but notice the joy associated with the kindness of your friends, colleagues an neighbors. It’s at the hard times you find out who your friends really are. You are blessed on that level. Speedy recovery.

  8. karpenglish

    The beautiful food pictures are making my hungry. Having been injured a lot myself, I know that a lot of the time you probably feel grumpy and miserable. How nice that so many people around you are caring and kind and helpful. I’ll bet writing the slice every day helps you focus on those positive aspects of your experience, at least for a few moments of the day!


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